There was MASS RELIEF when EastEnders' baby incest storyline was revealed to be a RED HERRING

EastEnders fans around the country did a little whoop of joy when it was revealed there was no sibling incest storyline on the way

We have to admit, we were seriously worried about the direction 'Stenders was going in after THAT cliffhanger on Friday (7 July). If you can possibly cast your minds back to before the weekend, you'll remember that Karen Taylor overheard a well dodge conversation between her eldest son, Keanu, and his fifteen-year-old sister, Bernadette. The gist of it was that Keanu had actually fathered Bern's unborn baby and we all did a little sick in our mouths.

Keanu and Karen had the most awkward of conversations (credit: BBC)

But last night EE revealed that Keanu was NOT THE DADDY at all - the joy and relief that we weren't about to endure some snogging siblings was felt far and wide.

Fans took to Twitter to thank the soap Gods that we were being spared such a grim storyline.

It was actually revealed that one of Bernadette's school mates, Calum, was the true baby daddy.

Karen confronts Keanu over Bernadette (credit:BBC)

She broke the news to him at the park and he responded by bursting into tears and offering her the £16 he had left over from Christmas.

Calum is the real dad (credit: BBC)

He also got a few people speculating about who his dad is after saying he was terrified of him. We know that people rarely get mentioned unless that have a connection to the who could it be?

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