EastEnders bosses FINALLY respond to Danny Dyer rumours

Danny Dyer has been keeping the entire nation on their toes as to whether or not he is leaving EastEnders.

Famed for being a bad boy with a (teeny tiny) soft side, who entertained us with tidbits such as 'I don't know what's happened to me, I've got a bit more sophisticated in my old age. I like a bit of Jasmine tea, I love it', we would be truly heartbroken if Danny Dyer stopped drinking a pint in the Old Vic and buying milk at the Minute Mart.

No honestly, we would.

Our hearts were nearly crushed when The Sun reported that Danny Dyer had moaned, “This takes up my life, this does. I ain’t signed yet. I’m meant to sign in October but I might elbow it.”

However, EastEnder's bosses have decided to set the record straight and tell us what is what. Talking to DigitalSpy, they confirmed, "We never discuss artists' contracts, but we can confirm that Danny will be staying with EastEnders."

Thank god for that.

This news comes weeks after Danny Dyer left his family home and wife Joanne Mass, after it emerged he had an affair with Sarah Harding in 2012 whilst filming 'Run For Your Wife' together.

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