Did you spot EastEnders' MASSIVE mistake during their General Election scene?

Even if you wanted to, you could not escape the June 8th General Election. The coverage was splattered across every newspaper, your Facebook feed had more political opinions then memes (or pictures of your friends baby hunched proudly over a potty chair) and even your favourite soap EastEnders got involved.

This of course is A GREAT THING. Getting people interested in their future is extremely important. Having a say in your own future is also very important.

However, hawk-eyed EastEnders fans spotted a big, fat GAFF as Jane and Kathy Beale (very) vaguely discussed who they were going to vote for in the impending General Election.

Kathy put her foot in it and told Jane, 'I will be voting the same way as I did last time.'

LAST TIME KATHY? LAST TIME? The last time there was a General Election it was 2015 and Kathy was 'legally' dead. There was no way she would be included on a electoral register. Something is not quite adding up here…

Check out the scene between Jane and Kathy Beale below.

Viewers weren't having any of it.

She was definitely 'dead' for while wasn't she?

Though actually, Kathy could have been referring to the last time she did actually vote. Like the 1987 General Election, when Kathy was definitely alive causing trouble on the Square and working at The Queen Vic.

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