EastEnders fans baffled as character makes surprise return from the dead

EastEnders took a strange twist on Friday night when a former Albert Square resident made a shock return from the dead.

On Thursday evening, Robbie Jackson found the remains of Dot Branning’s cat Dave in a wheelie bin.

But yesterday evening Dave miraculously came back to life and even managed to track down Dot at the hospital where she was recovering after suffering a fall.

Robbie and his sister Sonia Fowler had just told a devastated Dot that her beloved cat had passed away.

But a nurse then appeared to tell Dot her furry friend was actually in the building, and alive and well.

She said: “Mrs Branning, security have got a black cat downstair with your address on its tag.

“I’ve never known anything like this to happen before, but one of the other nurses said it happened to her once, a cat or a dog misses its owner so much it finds them.”

Dot was shown a picture of the cat, to which she exclaimed: “It might be him. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus let it be him!”

However, all may not be as it seems for poor Dot - new characters Joyce and Ted Murray think Dave is actually their missing cat Lucky.

Joyce said whilst nursing a drink in the Queen Vic: “They were telling me at the bar that Dot Cotton has had our Lucky,” to which her husband corrected her: “Branning, not Cotton.”

Joyce hit back: “I don’t care what she’s called, she’s a cat thief!”

The surprise twist left many viewers baffled with some taking to social media to tell of their disbelief.

One person tweeted: “Oh Jesus this Dave and Dot storyline is getting absurd. Follows her to the hospital. It’ll be travelling in the TARDIS next.”

Who do you think are the correct owners of Dave/Lucky? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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