EastEnders fans think they've worked out Linda Carter's secret

Linda Carter has been keeping a secret from her husband Mick and EastEnders fans think they've worked it out

EastEnders has been full of drama at the moment following the whole Linda/Mick/Whitney Carter saga.

This week, Mick finally told Linda about his affair with his daughter-in-law, Linda and Whitney had the ultimate showdown and the landlord smashed a few glasses in the pub following all the drama.

On Tuesday night's episode, Linda finally confronted Whitney and in true Peggy Mitchell style she chucked her and her husband out of the Queen Vic. However, things went from bad to worse when it appeared that the unbreakable Carter couple had split.

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Things came to a head after Linda discovered Mick thinks he's in love with their daughter-in-law following their secret kisses. She then went on to admit she didn't know if she could forgive her husband for his betrayal.

Even though, Linda has been away from the square for almost eight months (looking after her mum who suffered from a stroke) she's actually been keeping a secret of her own that she's yet to tell her husband. When Mick asked his wife why she was away from her family from several months, she said: "Because I... I had other stuff to deal with, didn't I? I couldn't be in two places at once."


Linda's still keeping a secret from her husband (Credit: BBC)

The main focus of the episode may have been Mick and Whitney's affair but fans couldn't help but wonder what Linda's huge secret is.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "I like Linda got some serious other illness or been pregnant and terminated the baby and she can't bare to tell Mick #EastEnders"

Someone else commented: "What is Linda's big secret? She's had an affair, wants a divorce, is pregnant again? What is it?"

Linda lost it with Whitney in Tuesday night's episode (Credit: BBC)

Another said: "Is Linda's secret she's dying?"

A fourth added: "Has anyone else thought that Linda's secret might be that she's pregnant"

One more wrote: "So when do we find out Linda's secret? I still think she's had a go on Woody"


Will Linda and Mick make it through this? Will Whitney still marry Woody?

So many questions we don't know what to think.

What do you think Linda's secret is? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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