EastEnders fans BAFFLED after they forgot about one victim in the ambulance horror smash

'Corr, It's been a dramatic week in EastEnders!

Oh bloody nora, hasn't EastEnders stepped up a notch or twenty?!

Weeks after week, the most drama we get from the BBC1 soap are the Beale family arguing about the price of carrots and Phill Mitchell looking very red-faced, whilst huffing a lot. Oh and occasionally Denise Fox eats chicken out of a bin and people lose their minds.

Too rightly, so.

EastEnders has gone completely crazy (similarly to when your youngest discovers blue smarties) and in the last week there has been a gun-shooting, a gas explosion and a terrifying ambulance crash involving a lorry.

The fate of many Walford folk's lives is seeming shaky...

... Especially for Jonny Carter who was shot by a bumbling Ted Murray (who thought he was a burglar) and then the ambulance taking him to hospital was involved in a horrendous lorry smash.

Thanks to Jack Branning and mum Linda Carter, Jonny seems to be alive for now. Though, fans are completely baffled as one victim has been completely forgotten about.


One Twitter user wrote: "@bbceastenders EASTENDERS WHERE THE HELL IS THE CRASHED LORRY GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER #EastEnders,"

Another wrote: 'Nobody cares about the lorry driver???? #EastEnders'

Another fumed: 'What happened to lorry that hit ambulance so many things wrong with this! #eastenders'

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