Viewers disgusted at EastEnders INCEST baby storyline

An EastEnders storyline has caused OUTRAGE amongst viewers blasting it 'a new low.'

Friday night's episode (7 July) revealed a potential 'incest baby' plot, as it was seemingly revealed that the father of 15-year-old Bernadette Taylor's unborn baby is her half brother Keanu.

Bernadette's horrified mum Karen Taylor overhears Keanu promise to help out financially and keep his identity as the child's father a secret. Does that mean he’s the baby daddy or is it an EastEnders style bluff?

Either way, viewers were horrified with the plot with some calling it 'disgusting' 'scraping the barrel' and 'a new low.'

Or maybe Karen has got the wrong end of the stick? Some viewers think so.

There have been reports that EastEnders has been suffering with low viewing figures. The Sun reports how EastEnders pulled in it's lowest viewers on Friday with a feeble 3.41 million tuning in to watch. Despite Wimbledon, Emmerdale received 4.5m viewers and Coronation Street kept 5.5m people watching despite the tennis tournament.

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