Eastenders’ latest trailer hints at THIS character’s shocking death

Eastenders have released a new trailer following the gas explosion and it drops some huge hints as to who is going to die.

Albert Square has been rather manic recently. With the shock explosion, shooting, miscarriage and ambulance crash we can hardly keep up with all the drama that’s been occurring.

And after last night’s shocking episode, which saw Jane Beale, Steven Beale, Abi Branning and Johnny Carter fighting for their lives and left us SERIOUSLY STRESSED, the soap has released another trailer video, hinting at what’s to come.

WATCH the Eastenders teaser for yourself!

The trailer teases at a mystery death, playing the sound of a heartrate monitor slowly flatlining.

From the looks of things Abbie has survived the ordeal with a few grazes, leaving Stephen, Jane and Johnny in danger of death.

So which of the three is going to fall victim to tonight’s brutal storyline?

Mick is certainly looking pretty stressed in the teaser video... could Johnny be at risk?

Or perhaps Jane's abscence from the video is actually a clue that she hasn't made it?!

Will Jane survive? (Credit: BBC / Eastenders)

We’re also wondering what’s going to happen to Ted and Joyce after the shooting caused havoc.

Why would Joyce take the rap for her husband, and will she carry on the charade when she’s questioned by police?


Who do YOU think is going to die after watching the trailer? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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