EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter makes a surprise return to save hubby Mick

EastEnders viewers were treated to a surprise appearance from Linda Carter as Mick went into full meltdown mode.

EastEnders viewers have been watching lovable landlord Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) fall apart at the seams in recent episodes of the BBC One soap, as money worries - coupled with his mum, Shirley, being sent to prison - got the better of him. Mick has been acting out of character, smashing up the Vic's till, kissing Whitney and hitting the bottle. Earlier this week fans watched as he broke down and sobbed. Oh Mick, we just wanna give you a cuddle.

Mick breaks down and cries (credit: BBC)

But while Mick in the Vic finally hit rock bottom, Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) did what someone really should have done months ago. She called Linda at her mum's in Watford, where she's helping her mum who's recovering from a stroke, and told her that her hubby is in bits. THANK YOU, JANE.

Jane called Linda in Tuesday's episode and fans were thrilled when Linda (Kellie Bright, who's currently on maternity leave) actually spoke ON THE PHONE. Yes, we could hear her voice and everything.

Jane makes the decision to call Linda (credit: BBC)

Jane told Linda: "I think you better come home. It's Mick." And the scene cut to him lying on his bed crying.

Fans took to Twitter right away to say that Jane had done the right thing calling Linda, who's been kept in the dark about how bad things have got in Walford while she's been away. One fan even tweeted a screen shot of the credits where Kellie was mentioned. Ahhhhh. Sweet.

But that was nothing compared to the ABSOLUTE JOY that went down when Kellie made a full - yes, her face and everything - appearance back in Walford. It was a fleeting visit as she had to rush back to her mum in Watford, but she finally learned the truth about what was going down at The Vic.

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