Did you spot this embarrassing mistake in last night's EastEnders episode?

Celebrate with a cup of tea if you did!

Mistakes are annoyign aren't they.

See, how irritating was that misspelling on a scale of 0 to VERY? You want to write out the word 'annoying' correctly in big capital letters and send it in the post, because otherwise the typo-related stress will crawl over your skin and bring you out in hives. So much so, we need to catch up with EastEnders just to get over it.

Ah, maybe don't unless you have a stress ball handy…

Last night, (Friday 17 March) EastEnders slipped up with a glorious gaff that (probably) left viewers wanting to put something sharp in their eyes (don't do that).

Spot it?

Okay, one more time. Now look very closely at the date...

The date says '17th Feb', which is wrong by an entire month. Uh oh.

The mistake happened during the scene of Bex Fowler's horrendous bullying ordeal. Last night, we watched with a heavy heart as she was viciously attacked by bullies Madison and Alexandra. Shocking stuff.


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