EastEnders Spoilers: Have you seen this shocking new trailer!

Michelle Fowler's controversial relationship with Preston is about to erupt - big time - if this new EastEnders trailer is anything to go by.

It looks like things are about to get pretty messy in Walford, if the new EastEnders trailer that just dropped is to be believed. EE bosses have just released the steamy new preview, which focuses on Michelle Fowler and her schoolboy lover, Preston. The pair were seeing each other in America, but their relationship was illegal because Michelle was his teacher and Preston was only 17 at the time - the age of consent in Florida is 18.

Bex doesn't look very happy, does she? (credit BBC)

The trailer kicks off with Preston running slow-mo through a snowy Albert Square. He finally reaches Michelle and the pair stare at each other from under an umbrella. Other Walford residents such as Denise, Kush and Carmel are watching.

Cute? Or creepy? (credit BBC)

Preston then tenderly caresses 'Chelle's neck before they move in for a big old snog. At this point they're being watched by Michelle's brother, Martin, and his daughter Bex - who has shared a few moments of passion with Preston. Bex looks particularly distraught.

Michelle has been trying to keep their secret affair under wraps, despite being blackmailed by Sharon's kid, Dennis (the menace).

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