EastEnders resident's heartbreaking farewell to Ronnie and Roxy

It's going to be a tear-jerker

We are still not over New Years day and no, we are not talking about a Prosecco-induced hangover nor our partner's annoying compulsion to change over the ENTIRE living room, whilst we are sprawled on the sofa in our snowman onesie.

In case you missed it, Ronnie Mitchell married Jack Branning in a lavish ceremony, which in true EastEnders-fashion was called off by a distraught Ronnie who wanted her sister to be completely on-board with the whole shebang.

Ronnie and Roxie then kissed and made up (natch) and decided to share a bottle (or two) of champers in the hotel later that night, whilst husband Jack was reading the children a bedtime story and Max Branning was waiting for Roxy in her hotel room, more excited than us noticing the kids favourite cereal is BOGOF.

The sisters guzzled the fizz and decided to go swimming in the hotel pool, which dramatically left Ronnie and Roxie floating dead at the bottom. OUR HEARTS. Why couldn't they have just moved off to Ongar?

It was a bloody brilliant story though.

Anyways, next week the Walford revelers will attend the Mitchell sister's funeral and it all looks very emotional.

During the run-up, Jack will admit he's struggling to carry on to a very concerned Dot and Glenda. Phil Mitchell is also refusing to read an eulogy at the funeral.

There is also the pressing issue of what will happen to Matthew who is not Jack’s biological son, but is Charlie Cotton’s…


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