EastEnders Spoilers: Does Dave the cat kill Dot next week??

There's bad times for Dot Branning in EastEnders next week when she falls over alone in her kitchen

It's Patrick Trueman's birthday in EastEnders next week and his good friend, Dot Branning, is getting ready to go to the Vic to join in with the celebrations. But disaster soon strikes when the pensioner trips over Dave the cat and crashes to the floor! She's all alone in her house when it happens, will anyone find her in time?

Dot is rushed to hospital (credit: BBC)

Poor Dot is alone and unable to move and she eventually realises she's just going to have to wait it out. She thinks she's been rescued when Patrick arrives to see if she's ok, but her hopes are soon dashed when he can't hear her.

Eventually Sonia Fowler comes in and finds Dot in agony on the floor. She calls an ambulance and is watched on by the other residents - including a guilt-ridden Patrick.

Will she pull through? (credit: BBC)

Later, Sonia is furious that no one has been keeping an eye on Dot. Dot gets some bad news, when she discovers she's going to need an operation to fix her hip.

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