EastEnders Spoilers: Louise Mitchell is devastated when bully boy Keegan makes her life a living hell!

Louise Mitchell gets a nasty shock in EastEnders when Keegan starts a horrible rumour about her

Life has just started to look up for Louise Mitchell after ending up in hospital because frenemies Alexandra and Madison spiked her drink with booze. Lou's made up with her old pal, Bex Fowler, and has started a new romance with school heart-throb Travis - despite the best efforts of Alex and Mads to break them up. But, as we know, happiness in soaps is only ever short-lived.

Louise confides in Bex (credit: BBC)

Louise is gutted when she finds out that nasty Keegan (urgh, go away already) has been busy spreading some rather unpleasant rumours about her.

Poor Lou frantcially denies the rumours - but it's made worse when she speaks to Alexandra and Madison - as if they're going to miss a chance to stir things up.

The schoolgirl turns to her best friend, Bex, for support. Bex went through her own bullying ordeal with the same crew earlier this year.

And incident with Travis makes Keegan after revenge (credit: BBC)

Bex is devastated to see how affected Louise is by the bullying, when her friend breaks down in tears on the square.

Lou finally talks to Sharon about what's been going on, when Shazza finds her in tears. Will she be able to help her step-daughter, or will she just make things worse?

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