EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning KILLS Stephen Beale?!

As EastEnders spoilers emerge of Max Branning looking spectacularly cross with Stephen Beale (he is almost beating Phill Mitchell as the grumpiest on the Square), quick-witted fans reckon this may have something to do with Aaron Sidwell departure from the soap.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Stephen Beale is lying to on/off girlfriend Lauren Branning that he has a brain tumour and is dying and Max threatens to expose him, unless he does a risky job for him...

Stephen told Lauren that he had three months to live in a desperate bid to stop her breaking up with him. In controversial scenes, Stephen even passed off a poorly DOG's bran scan off as his own.

Aaron Sidwell, who plays Stephen Beale, confirmed that he will be leaving the BBC1 soap (and NO HE DIDN'T GET THE SACK).

'Regardless of what you’ve read or believe I didn’t sign a year long contract back in March. I signed for six months. A decision both I and my representation were happy about as it gave us the chance to continue working on other opportunities.

'Whilst my storyline has been incredibly challenging given my personal situation this has not lead to me quitting the show in protest. I have always been lucky enough to have the support of the BBC and I respect them more than I can explain. I love EastEnders and everyone connected to the show with all my heart.”

A BBC spokesperson added: 'Aaron Sidwell is part of one of the big upcoming storylines and we can confirm, following dramatic scenes to be aired later this summer, he will be leaving the show. We wish Aaron all the very best for the future.'


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