EastEnders Spoilers: Some BIG DRAMZ is going down in Walford next week

EastEnders fans, there is something HUGE happening in Walford next week. It's so big we can't even tell you what.

There are some pretty big events going down in Albert Square next week. We're talking drama with a capital D. But it's so top secret that we don't even know the full details - all we know is that it involves Bex, Michelle and Preston - and some lives in Walford will never be the same again. Wow, that certainly sounds intriguing. In the meantime, we'll tell you the stuff we do know. And that's pretty exciting too.

1. Michelle grows jealous of Bex and Preston

Michelle hears news about Bex and Preston (credit: BBC)

Yikes - feeling under pressure from her recent actions, Michelle becomes more and more jealous of Bex's relationship with Preston. She ends up telling a baffled Martin that she doesn't think Preston is right for troubled Bex. Martin tells Bex to be careful - and Michelle is shocked when Preston announces he and Bex are official. Yup meet Prex. Breston? Whatever, they're a ship now, 'Chelle.

2. Tina is thrown a curve ball

Tina has her work cut out with Sylvie (credit: BBC)

Tina has the weight of the world on her shoulders caring for Sylvie alone. She's shocked on Monday when she learns that social services are coming to assess her confused mother. Sylvie struggles to understand what's going on and Whitney tries to help by suggesting they throw a sixties night to cheer her up. Whit asks Bex to perform, but as the night gets underway, Michelle's huge secret threatens to explode.

3. Kush and Denise struggle with temptation

Will Kush and Denise give in to temptation? (credit: BBC)

Kush tries to support Denise when she has to cancel the community meeting when hardly anyone shows up. That's what happens when you don't have it in a pub! As they struggle to resist each other, Carmel turns up and pours some metaphorical cold water over both of them. Later, Kush lays his cards on the table and forces Denise to make a decision.

4. Something unexpected happens

The fallout continues for Michelle (credit: BBC)

With the fallout of Michelle and Preston's secret still ricocheting around the Square, Michelle loses control - with disastrous consequences.

Elsewhere, an unexpected event turns the lives of one family upside down. Family and friends are forced to pull together - but will everyone stand by their loved ones?

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