EastEnders Spoilers: Five sizzling storylines from next week

Are you an EastEnders fan? Here are five red hot EastEnders spoilers for next week. Don't say we're not good to you.

It's Ben's 21st, but will he be in the mood for celebrating? Elsewhere, Lauren opens up to Whitney about her relationship with Steven and Dennis continues his blackmail campaign against Michelle. Will the fact that Preston returns add to her mounting pressures? Here's five sizzling EastEnders spoilers for your visual pleasure.

1. Dennis continues to blackmail Michelle

Dennis steps up his blackmail campaign (credit: BBC)

We knew that Dennis Rickman would be up to no good the minute Sharon left Walford and we were bang on. The little scamp ups his campaign against her next week, leading Michelle to beg him to go easy on her. But Dennis soon pushes Michelle to her absolute limit - will she snap?

2. It's Ben's 21st Birthday

Will Johnny cheer Ben up on his birthday? (credit: BBC)

It's Ben's birthday but he's not keen on celebrating. He snaps at Kathy before something happens which gives him a change of heart. Jay organises a house party for the birthday boy - and is thrown when a surprise guest turns up. Meanwhile, Abi winds Johnny up about fancying Ben. She decides to play matchmaker but will her efforts pay off?

3. Lauren opens up to Whitney about her relationship

Whitney and Lauren have a heart to heart (credit: BBC)

Lauren confides in Whitney about her relationship with Steven. Whitney offers her some advice and encourages her friend to fight for her relationship. But will Lauren take her words on board? The girls plan a night out and Whitney finds herself having to give Lauren a reality check about her actions and makes her think about what she really wants. Can she get through to Lauren?

4. Mick and Whitney work together again

Whitney and Mick are thrown together again (credit: BBC)

Mick Carter and Whitney Dean are thrown together again as they host a pub quiz at The Vic. Will their relationship become even closer as he's clearly impressed with her? A determined Kim rallies a team together, but has she got what it takes to win? Things are off to a bad start, until Denise and Kush join them.

5. Is Bex heading for heartache with Preston?

Preston believes in keeping it in the family (credit: BBC)

Preston returns to Walford and while Michelle is initially delighted, it's not long before the pair are at each other's throats. Preston storms off and quickly turns his attention to Bex instead. But he is soon arranging a romantic night out with Michelle - is Bex about to get her heartbroken again?

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