Redwater: Everything we know about the Kat & Alfie EastEnders spin-off

Yes! EastEnders' Kat and Alfie Moon are coming back to our screens in a new BBC drama called Redwater

If you've been missing Kat and Alfie Moon since they departed Walford back in May 2015, we have some good news for you; they're coming back!

The thing is... they're just not coming back to Albert Square.

Oh no, Kat and Alfie have gone and got themselves a new show - Redwater.

Although it's not being billed as an EastEnders spin-off, it sort of is, as Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie will be playing the same characters we all know and love.

So, what do we know about this new show...

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Why is Kat and Alfie Moon's new show called Redwater?

Redwater is the name of the fictional Irish villiage the show is set in.

What is Redwater all about?

The show focuses on Kat and Alfie Moon, who have ended up in the small Irish village of Redwater after going in search of Kat's long-lost son, Luke.

Director Jesper W. Nielsen explained: "[The show is] about how one woman's search for a lost child opens Pandora's box; revealing the terrible lies and secrets in the little village of Redwater"

While eitor Celia Haining added: "[Kat and Alfied] end up becoming entangled with four generations of an Irish family who all have their own mysterious secrets about the past".

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It may star Kat and Alfie, but this is not a spin-off! (Credit: BBC)

Is Redwater a spin-off of EastEnders

Not officially, although it centres around Kat and Alfie Moon AND was created by Dominic Treadwell-Collins, who was an executive producer on EastEnders, so...

So will Redwater be just like EastEnders

No. It's actually being likened to Broadchurch rather than EastEnders.

Talking about the show, Director Jesper W. Nielsen, said: "It has echoes of a Shakespearean drama, told in a rich cinematic style, loaded with humour and suspense."

Who's in the Redwater cast?

1) Jessie Wallace

Jessie Wallace will be back on our screens as Kat Moon - albeit a Kat Moon with a brand-new look. Taking to Twitter, she revealed that her character will be ditching her cropped hair in favour of long locks, writing: "Thank you @matthewmalone16 @lyvella @GoldFeverHair for my lovely new hair do… I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW HAIR!" ## 2) Shane Richie

Shane Richie will be reprising his role as Alfie Moon - although he has admitted that his soap alter-ego will not be getting a happy ever after in Redchurch.

Speaking about the script, he said: "It's a bit like Broadchurch meets The Wicker Man.

“I’ve read the first script - about a third of the way through I was going, 'No, Kat and Alfie, turn around, you should not be there'."

3) Fionnula Flanagan

Fionnula Flanagan - who starred in Lost and The Others - will be taking on a prominent role within Redwater.

Speaking about her role in the soap spin-off, Fionnula said: "This is a fascinating character, full of secrets, deceit and manipulation. My favourite!

"It's a wonderful story which will keep you guessing forever and ever. Great writing and a fabulous director!"

4) Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy will be joining the cast of Redwater. She is best known for her TV roles as Catherine of Aragon on The Tudors, Vera Bates on Downton Abbey, and Siobhán Sadler on Orphan Black.

5) Ian McElhinney

This Northern Irish actor will be joining the Redwater cast - and we bet he has a big role. After all, he’s starred in Taggart, Hornblower, Cold Feet and The Tudors - not to mention played Barristan Selmy in Game of Thrones, and Morgan Monroe in The Fall.

6) Angeline Ball

You may remember the talented Angeline Ball from Shameless and The Commitments!

7) Peter Campion

Peter is best known for his work on Brooklyn; we can’t wait to see him in Redwater.

8) Stanley Townsend

Think The Hollow Crown and The Tunnel, for starters!

The cast will also be joined by Ebony O'Toole-Acheampon, Oisin Stack, Stephen Hogan, Susan Ateh, and Ian Toner.

Redwater: The production team

Danish director Jesper Nielsen - best known for his work on Borgen and Through a Glass Darkly - will be taking the reigns on this project.

He will be joined by an amazing team of writers, including Life on Mars creator Matthew Graham, Julie Dixon (Casualty, The Bill), Lauren Klee (EastEnders, Holby City) and Matthew Barry (Casualty, Banana, Death in Paradise).

Where was Redwater filmed?

Redwater was filmed on location in Dublin and Dunmore East. We hope the locals are gearing up for all the Redwater fans who are about to descend!

Are you looking forward to having Kat and Alfie back on your screen? (Credit: BBC)

How many episodes of Redwater are there?

There are just six episodes in the first series of Redwater, but the good news is, it already looks like there's gonna be a series two!

Redwater trailer

Fans were given their first glimpse of Redwater back in August 2016, but with just weeks to go, TV bosses released the following Redwater trailer. And boy does it look good!

When will Redwater be on TV

Good question! The first episode of Redwater is due to air at 8pm on Thursday 18 May 2017 on BBC One. Get the date in your diary!


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