Is Tanya Branning returning to Eastenders?

Lauren Branning definitely needs some help but will her mum Tanya come to the rescue?

Poor Lauren Branning, she hasn't had it easy recently has she?

She's slowly been falling for her boss Josh Hemmings, she's trapped in a relationship with Steven Beale because she thinks he has a brain tumour and her dad Max, is currently plotting revenge on the whole square - including his daughter.

Lauren, played by Jacqueline Jossa, is getting married to evil Steven without knowing he's lying about having a brain tumour so she'll stay with him. And to make matters worse, even though the mum-of-one to Louie (who she had with ex-boyfriend Peter Beale) has no idea about Steven's deception, her dad and sister Abi know and they haven't told her.

WATCH: Abi tells Steven that Lauren got an abortion...

Max is still hell-bent on revenge on most of the residents after he was wrongfully imprisoned for killing Lucy Beale and Abi, well Abi is in a love triangle with Lauren and Steven; she's into him but he's into Lauren.

We know Abi can be sneaky as in the past she's faked her pregnancy with Ben Mitchell, she slept with Whitney's fiancé Lee and she's recently slept with her sister's boyfriend.

In upcoming scenes, Abi will become angry as Steven ignores her so she rushes to tell her nan Cora Cross about the wedding.

Lauren hasn't had the easiest of times with her dad and sister keeping secrets from her (Credit: BBC)


Cora soon arrives on the square and realises all isn't as it seems with Lauren and attempts to get to the bottom of it. Soon after she urges her granddaughter to visit her mum Tanya or she'll ring her herself.

When Lauren decides to visit her mum, Steven beings to panic and turns to Lauren's dad for support – but will Max help him? And if Lauren doesn't visit her mum will Tanya come to Walford to save the day?

We sure hope do so, we reckon Cora and Tanya are the only people Lauren can trust at the moment.

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