EastEnders spoilers: Ryan Malloy surprises Whitney on her wedding day – but will he plant doubt in her mind?


EastEnders spoilers: Ryan Malloy surprises Whitney on her wedding day – but will he plant doubt in her mind?


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Do you know the names of all FIVE of Ian Beale's wives? Can you count how many times Phil's been shot? Are you a little bit in love with Mick Carter? Well, you've come to the right place.

Here's the best of the drama and misery coming up in Albert Square. Would ya adam and eve it...

EastEnders spoilers: Ryan Malloy surprises Whitney on her wedding day – but will he plant doubt in her mind?

Will Whitney finally get her happily ever after?

After the heartache of losing their first baby together, Whitney and Lee are set to head down the aisle veeeeery soon – ready and waiting to start a future together.

Their relationship seems to be stronger than ever as Whitney also confides in Lauren that she and Lee may be trying for another baby. Sounds great, right?


Viewers already know that Lee Carter is acting irrationally in the run up to the wedding: hiding secrets from his fiancée, splashing out on lavish gifts, doubting his self-worth and acting tense when anyone asks about his future. After Johnny confronts his big brother about his thoughts and actions, will he be able to convince Lee to come clean to Whitney about his state of mind – or will their wedding day be sent into chaos?

Whitney's big brother Ryan is back in Walford ready to walk his beloved sister down the aisle, will Ryan try and talk her out of it? Just like he tried to get her to move up north before she suffered a heartbreaking misscarriage?

It's safe to say, there will be drama a plenty on this Walford wedding day.

Speaking to RadioTimes, actor Danny-Boy Hatchard (who plays Lee) described his wedding in three words: "Edgy. Emotional. Heartfelt."


EastEnders spoilers: Phil’s condition rapidly gets worse – will he survive the year?

The Mitchell matriarch’s future is looking incredibly bleak.

Recovering alcoholic Phil Mitchell's cirrhosis of the liver is showing no signs of improving, in scenes shot and believed to be aired around Christmas -could the man we all thought was immortal finally be defeated by this cruel disease?

Deeply in need of a liver transplant, new pictures obtained by The Mirror show just how bleak Phil Mitchell’s future is looking as he was spotted alongside Denise filming scenes at his mum’s graveside.

Viewers will soon see the mechanic's condition go from bad to worse as he becomes so ill that his skin turns yellow – a horrific sign of extreme liver failure.

With Ben Mitchell’s plans to save his dad’s life (by giving him part of his liver) slowing down and becoming more complicated by the minute, the race is really onto to try and save Phil’s life.

However, even more explosive scenes are potentially on the horizon as Denise Fox (who is carrying Phil’s child, the result of a one-night stand earlier in the year) tries to talk some sense into Phil – convincing him to stay on the straight and narrow.

Will she reveal that he is really the father of her child?

Exicted about EastEnders winter storylines? Here’s some things you should be really looking forward to this winter in Walford…

Do you think phil should be killed off?

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EastEnders bosses teases viewers by filming multiple endings for Ronnie and Roxy

Sneaky sneaky...

After sources leaked Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell’s big EastEnders exit to the press, the folks at EastEnders are said to be filming multiple exits for the infamous sisters to keep impending storylines a secret from viewers.

Samantha Womack and Rita Simons officially confirmed that they will be leaving the soap last month after 10 YEARS of drama in Albert Square.

An EastEnders spokesperson also confirmed their exits: "Having joined the show in 2007, Rita immediately won the hearts of the audience in the role of Roxy Mitchell and between her and Samantha Womack they created one of the most iconic duos EastEnders has ever seen.

"Alongside Samantha, Rita was recently offered to take part in the same big storyline that will see the Mitchell sisters depart Walford, but we will not be releasing any further details at this time. We wish Rita all the best for the future."

Rita and Samantha were recently photographed allegedly filming their ‘final scenes’ in a swimming pool but all is not as it seems.

All EastEnders cast members are also being kept in the dark about the Mitchell sister’s final scenes – with bosses writing and filming several different endings for the pair.

A spokesperson for EastEnders told Metro: “We know how much our audience hate to have future storylines spoilt, so we do not comment on speculative stories.

However, knowing there’s huge excitement about the departure of the iconic Mitchell sisters, to keep this plot under wraps we are filming various different endings.”

“We want this to be one of those moments that the audience only get to see when they switch on. Even the cast do not know exactly which ending will be broadcast.”

Fingers crossed no more spoil sports will leak anymore details because, quite frankly, Roxy and Ronnie definitely deserve an unforgettable exit full of suspense and drama.

EastEnders spoilers: Samantha Womack and Rita Simons film final scenes before characters' 'deaths'?

EastEnders spoilers: Will Fatboy come back from the dead? Stranger things have happened…

Ricky Norwood, who played Arthur Chubb (nee Fatboy) up until a year ago, has teased a sensational comeback for his much-loved character. Fatboy was incorrectly targeted by Ronnie Mitchell’s hitmen when twisted Claudette tricked them into thinking that he was her son, Vincent.

Fans are pretty supportive of the theory that Fatboy could still be alive – with some stating that viewers NEVER actually saw his body.

Imagine how happy Dot would be if Fatboy knocked on her door…

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