OMG! Lauren finally learns Steven's terrible cancer lie in EastEnders

Stand well back because it's all going to kick off in Enders this week when Lauren finally discovers her scheming other half, Steven, lied about having a brain tumour.

Oh dear. Sinister Steven may have kicked the bucket following that horrific ambulance crash, but the shocks keep rolling for Lauren when she discovers that her other half LIED about having a brain tumour.

We viewers have known for weeks that Ian's messed-up stepson invented his terminal illness as a ploy to get the sympathy vote and guilt-trip Lauren into marrying him, but this week his gullible girlfriend is appalled when she discovers the truth on the day of his funeral!

Kathy lays flowers for Steven (credit: BBC)

The Albert Square folk are still in shock following the catastrophic gas explosion and Steven's sudden death and struggling to take in what's happened. Poor Ian is in pieces, with a stepson dead and his other half Jane stil in hospital, he can barely hold it together.

Billy helps Lauren with the funeral (credit: BBC)

Earlier on, Lauren has been preoccupied trying to plan her fiance's funeral with the help of Burial Billy who is quite a busy bee given the number of deaths that occur in Albert Square. Meanwhile her sulky sister Abi, who is secretly pregnant with Steven's baby has got her own issues to deal with, not least the fact that she's carrying the baby of her sister's dead boyfriend under that salmon-pink cardie. Hmm. Explain that one please Abs!

Is Lauren going to rumble Abi's involvement in Steven's cancer scam? (credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, and with Steven's funeral looming, a grief-stricken Lauren is utterly shell-shocked and is comforted by Josh when a family-liason officer arrives at the Beale house and delivers the shock news that Steven lied about having a brain tumour. It certainly gives her something more to worry about than what shoes she should wear to the funeral and whether she's got anything black lurking in her wardrobe!

When the going gets tough, Lauren hits the bottle (credit: BBC)

The former alcoholic, who's been battling to stay off the Voddie given all turmoil that's come flying her way recently, is sent into a spin and later causes a right old ruckus in the Vic when her emotions get the better of her.

Meanwhile, with Steven's terrible lies laid bare, Abi who was in on the tumour deception all along and was secretly in love with the twisted Beale, begins to panic.

Is her part in the cruel scam about to be exposed? And if so, batten down the drinks cabinets and hide the spirits because we're pretty sure booze is the first thing Lauren will be hitting.

Do you think Abi should come clean and 'fess up to her sister or will it tip Lauren over the edge? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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