EastEnders fans have a theory about Michelle's stalker and it's hilarious

We love fan theories and this one from EastEnders fans on Michelle Fowler's stalker is spot on

We think it's fair to say that EastEnders' new Michelle Fowler has had a tough time being accepted in Walford, particularly by the good people of Twitter. Dubbed Fake Michelle over there, they're not convinced by her. Not convinced at all. Her creepy stalker storyline has created some merriment however, with fans coming up with various theories as to why anyone would want to stalk her. And they're hilarious.

Michelle and her stalker have a date next week! (credit: BBC)

Top of the list - and our favourite - is that he's actually a private detective, hired by Martin, to find out what's happened to the real Michelle.

Others reckon he's been hired by her ex husband, Tim, who's over in America, smarting from being ditched for a schoolboy (remember Preston?)

WHO IS THIS MAN?? (credit: BBC)

Some hope that he's going to whisk her away from Walford in an abduction/murder storyline.

But mostly tweeps were just scratching their heads, trying to figure out why

Oh Twitter, this is why we love you so dearly!

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