Emma Barton FINALLY admits killing her husband to Laurel - as her son walks in and overhears...

Emma Barton FINALLY admits killing her husband James to nemesis Laurel Thomas - just as her son Ross walks in and overhears the whole thing...

Fans of Emmerdale have literally been waiting for nasty Emma Barton to get her comeuppance for being a horrid mass murderer for what feels like millennia.

The turning point for most of us was when she pushed her husband James off a bridge, causing a huge crash which devastated the lives of many residents for WEEKS.

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But thankfully, lovely Laurel has wisened up to her game and been trying to make her confess her crimes - but to no avail.

She even attacked her in front of everyone, slapping her and screaming at her, which inadvertently caused everyone to think she'd gone back on the drink again.

But she's changing tactics, and has decided to now play on Emma's faith.


Laurel slapped Emma right in her nasty face (Credit: ITV/ Emmerdale)

Laurel went to pay Emma a one-to-one visit, to declare that their feud was finished and that she would stop trying to expose her.

But everyone watching knew that wasn't REALLY the case.

Laurel told Emma that they would both always know what happened on the bridge, and that James would always be with her.

Emma started acting more and more strangely, before snapping and saying that perhaps James would still be here if she hadn't let him go.

It was at this point that Ross walked in and overheard exactly what had been said, and when Laurel tried to press Emma to keep going, Ross chucked her out.

Ross is left questioning his mum (Credit: ITV/ Emmerdale)

But hearing something like that obviously stayed with Ross, and we'll start to see Emma's lies unravel as she struggles to cover up what she did to her son.

Fans of the show will be pleased to hear that there is an hour-long special episode tonight at 7pm - will Emma get her comeuppance?!

We NEED to know.

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