Emmerdale's Matthew Wolfenden reveals his fear during David's cancer storyline

His character David was diagnosed with cancer in March this year

Emmerdale fans will know that after months of battling testicular cancer, in last night's episode David Metcalfe (played by Matthew Wolfenden) was cleared of the disease.

David and his fiancée Tracey Shankley visited the local hospital and was told by the doctor that he has beat cancer.


We're so happy for him and we're not the only ones, Emmerdale fans took to Twitter expressing their joy, one person wrote: "So glad David got the all clear… Feeling emotional #Emmerdale"

Others wrote:

"I'm so happy for David I love him so much #Emmerdale"

"YAY Happy news for David finally now let's hope he gets his big day tomorrow finally deserves to be happy #Emmerdale"

"@emmerdale so happy to see David get the all clear such amazing news love David's character and @MrMattWolfenden amazing actor and hot too lol"

Matthew, who had had to shave his eyebrows, chest and hair completely bald for the role has revealed that he did worry his eyebrow hair would never grow back. Speaking to Good Morning Britain presenters, the actor revealed: "I'd heard horror stories from people who'd had their eyebrows shaved off in drunken stupors at university and they'd never grown back.

"After five months of shaving them I was a bit worried they wouldn’t but they seem to be coming through. If not, I'll just get tattooed on it'll be fine."

He also confessed that although his real life fiancé Charlotte Webb (who plays Emmerdale's Debbie Dingle) wasn't "too keen" on his look without eyebrows, their son Buster loved his bald head.


Now that David has been cleared of cancer he is set to marry Tracey, but things aren't looking great as Tracey is running late after being kidnapped by her dad. To make things worse Tracey accidentally knocks the cars handbrake before getting out of the car and when the car begins to roll into the water, it's not looking great for Tracey…

Meanwhile poor David begins to think he's been jilted when he discovers that his fiancé is missing.

Emmerdale will air these scenes tonight on ITV at 7pm.

Do you think the couple will get their happy ever after?

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