Emmerdale Spoilers: All the gossip you need from the Dales

It's another crazy week in Emmerdale as Ashley takes a turn for the worse. Here are five sizzling spoilers.

Poor Laurel has been struggling to hold it together recently, what with Gabby's rebellious behavious and Ashley's blossoming relationship with Maggie in the care home. As Ashley's condition deteriorates next week, does she have the strength to stay away from the bottle? She deserves a ruddy sainthood if she does. That kinda stress is enough to break anyone. Read on for next week's spoilers.

1. Ashley takes a turn for the worse

Laurel and Arthur discuss Ashley (credit: ITV)

Laurel is relieved when Ashley is safely back in the care home. The pair share a lovely moment when a lucid Ashley shares a dance with his wife. But their happiness is short-lived when a stressed out Arthur throws up in the home. Later in the week, Ashley has a coughing fit and finds blood on his hands. Will he pull through and will Arthur blame himself?

2. Will Chas and Faith build bridges?

Debbie sets up Chas and Faith (credit: ITV)

Debbie sets Faith and Chas up after noticing that Chas's hostility is upsetting Faith. The two women end up having a heart to heart and Faith pulls no punches as they talk about their relationship. It looks like they have finaly made up but when Faith recoils after Chas tries to hug her, she finds herself back at square one with her daughter. Has she missed the chance to reconcile with Chas?

3. Jai is reminded of Holly

Nell reminds Jai of Holly (credit: ITV)

Jai meets Nell at a NA meeting and she immediately reminds him of Holly. He gets overwhelmed with emotion and escapes outside, but when he returns, both Nell and his wallet are missing. He manages to track her down and she hands over the wallet and apologises. When Jai is still kind to her, she asks him why and he admits she reminds him of someone. He's worried when she reveals she's sleeping on a friend's sofa. But who is she? And can she be trusted?

4. Liv gets some bad news

Chas breaks some bad news to Liv (credit: ITV)

Poor Liv has the weight of the world on her young shoulders, with Aaron is prison and the recent incidents with Gabby and school still playing on her mind. She's dealt another blow this week when Chas tells her that her mum is very ill after an accident on holiday. Kind-hearted Chas agress to go with Liv overseas to visit her mum.

5. Harriet's conflicted

Harriet is conflicted (credit: ITV)

Harriet realises Cain is under pressure when she spots him comforting Debbie. She later finds him with a bag of stolen phones and confronts him. But when he offers her a cut, how will she respond?

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