Emmerdale Spoilers: Five OMG moments in the Dales next week

Here's our Emmedale spoilers for next week. Will Robert Sugden come clean to Aaron Dingle about his kiss with Rebecca White in Emmerdale, or is it the end for Robron?

It's another big week in Emmerdale next week as news comes to Chas Dingle and Robert Sugden about Aaron's appeal. But with this week's drug revelations and Robert's naughty kiss with Rebecca, could the end of Robron be on the cards? Here are five Emmerdale spoilers for next week's episodes. You're very welcome.

1. Carly makes plans to leave

Is Carly planning to leave the Dales for good: (credit: ITV)

Marlon has a shock when April chokes on a sweet and Carly does nothing to save her.He rushes to save the little girl but Carly just stands there watching. April mistrusts Carly after the incident, but it soon becomes clear why Carly froze. Carly can't stop feeling guilty though and decides it's time to leave Emmerdale. Will Marlon work out she's planning a secret escape before she disappears for good?

2. Faith freaks out Emma

Faith Dingle hosts a psychic reading: (credit: ITV)

Faith Dingle fancies herself as a bit of a psychic and reckons she can communicate with spirits. This panics Emma, especially when she learns Faith plans to hold a public seance in the pub. Emma heads to church and begs for forgiveness, but hears a noise. Could someone have overheard her confession? When the psychic night starts, Faith appears to be channeling James. Is Emma's dark secret about to be revealed?

3. Ashley goes missing!

Ashley wanders off (credit: ITV)

The men plan to smuggle Ashley out of the care home to surprise Sandy on his birthday. All seems to be going well when Ashley dons his cassock and chats happily to the children. But when he's returned to the care home, he head to the exit, still in his robe. He's then mistaken for a vicar and let out. Ashley finds himself alone and disorientated on a deserted street. How will Laurel and the rest of his family react when they discover he is missing?

4. There's an update on Aaron's appeal

Will Robert come clean? (credit: ITV)

Chas and Robert head to the prison when news about Aaron's appeal comes through. Chas is shocked at the state of her son, but Aaron promises he's quit the drugs. Robert prepares to confess to Aaron about Rebecca - but will he go through with it?

5. Cain is caught in the act

Harriet catches Cain red handed (credit: ITV)

Harriet catches Cain red-handed as he tries to hide a bag of stolen phones in the church. She threatens to tell the police if he doesn't return them. When Cain doesn't do anything, she grabs them off him. But will she go to the police - or will her conscience get the better of her?

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