Wait, did Nell kill Holly Barton in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans have a theory that Nell Fairfax may have had something to do with Holly Barton's death

A day doesn't go by without there being some kind of drama in Emmerdale and now fans have been left wondering whether Nell Fairfax killed Holly Barton last year.

Fans of the show will remember the heartbreaking episode last year when Moria Barton discovered her daughter had died during the night following a heroin overdose.

Viewers were shocked as Holly had gotten her life in order and was dating Jai Sharma, however after relapsing she died.

WATCH: The heartbreaking moment Moira discovers Holly has died...

Now Emmerdale fans thinks Jai's new girlfriend Nell, who told him she was pregnant with his child, was the person who supplied the heroin that killed Holly. One person took to Twitter and wrote: "I have a theory about Nell, she supplied Holly with the drugs that killed her, now she's morphing into her and living her life #emmerdale"

Someone else said: "Anyone else think Nell is the one that gave Holly the drugs that killed her? #emmerdale"

Viewers were left devastated last year when Holly died (Credit: ITV)

A third person added: "I bet Nell gave holly the heroin that killed her 😳😳 #emmerdale"

Another commented: "Why am I getting the overwhelming feeling that it was Nell that killed Holly with the drugs? #Emmerdale"

In last night's episode Jai finally uncovered all of Nell's lies (Credit: ITV)

"It's obvious Nell on #Emmerdale knew Holly why else show her watching Moira, my money is on her giving Holly the drugs that killed her," said another fan.

One more person wrote: "Wow… Emmerdale tonight was amazing! I think Nell killed Holly?? 🤔🤔something fishy about her...poor Moira! #UnfinishedBusiness @emmerdale"

What's next for Nell? Credit: ITV)*

Jai finally discovered Nell's web of lies after he realized that she had been targeting him since they met at an NA meeting after she had read news articles about Holly. He also found out that she lied about her own baby Rosie dying. Last night's episode showed Nell watching Moira at the farm – but what's next?

Is Moira in danger?

Did Nell know Holly?

WATCH: Jai finally exposes Nell's web of lies in Emmerdale...

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

What do you think about Nell? Do you think she knew Holly? What do you think is next for her? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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