Emmerdale: Tonight's episode is all about Emma and James


Emmerdale's #NoReturn week has well and truly kicked off. We've already had two shocking car crashes, involving fan favourite Aaron Dingle, Robert Sugden, Paddy Kirk and Rhona Goskirk that may or may not be interlinked with each other.

The first four episodes of the week will focus on the same 24 hour period, from the point of view of a different character group.

On Wednesday 19th the episode will focus on Emma and James Barton, where James is falling...

After being drugged, tied up and antagonised by Emma (who really has lost the plot), James tries to think quickly about his escape route. With Emma changing into her wedding dress and waving a machete around the place - James has no choice but to think fast.

With Emma out, James carries out an act of defiance by scrawling "I DO NOT" across their wedding vows. He then hears a lorry driving outside and desperately tries to get the attention of the driver, but to no avail.

James is then left with no choice but to try and make a run for it, leaving him to fall down the stairs. Now at Emma’s mercy, who has revenge running through her veins - what what price will he pay to save his own life?

Prepare to get spooked...

Paddy or Pierce to commit murder?

If these teaser photos are anything to go by we think so…

If you’re an Emmerdale fan then you’ll know that it’s currently Emmerdale’s Big Week which will result in the death of at least one character.

So far this week we’ve followed Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle. During the episode the pair kidnapped Lachlan White and put him in their car boot, Aaron found out that Robert was going to propose and the episode ended with Robert shouting: “AARON, WATCH OUT!”


We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out what’s happened with Robron and Lachlan but from the teaser photos we showed yesterday things don’t look good…

In tonight’s episode we’ll see the exact same day play out but from Rhona Goskirk, Paddy Kirk, Pierce Harris and Marlon Dingle’s point of view.

The episode will start with a flash-forward scene (similar to yesterday’s episode which saw Aaron in deep water) that will show Paddy and Pierce staring at their bloody hands – what does this mean for the foursome?

Also in tonight’s episode we’ll see Paddy and Marlon going on their camping trip with Leo while back in the village Rhona and Pierce argue but when Pierce discovers that Rhona has lied to him about Paddy he decides to take action – will it result in someone’s death?

Dominic Brunt (who plays Paddy) has revealed how he’d feel if his character died at the end of this week: "I got to the 10-year point and was perfectly happy with the fate of Paddy.

"I couldn���t ask for more really… I was originally given 8 episodes. I’d be upset to leave, but I’d accept it," he told Digital Spy.

Zoe Henry (who plays Rhona) admitted: "Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel, told me: 'One thing you can be sure of is that you will leave the show at some point'.

"Anyone of us is in the firing line here, but I’d be gutted if it was Paddy of Rhona."

We think we will be gutted too if Paddy or Rhona die.

Emmerdale fans shocked at Jack Sugden revelation

In last night’s episode Emmerdale fans we’re surprised at a confession Robert Sugden made. He explained to Aaron when he was younger and his dad caught him with another boy in his bedroom he abused him: "He sacked him [the other boy] and leathered me and never talked about it again.

"He said it was for skiving but he couldn’t look at me for weeks, I knew what it was for.

"I was 15. Nobody knows."

Aaron couldn’t believe it and it seems that Emmerdale viewers didn’t either. One person tweeted: "So Jack Sugden would cover up his adopted son killing his mother but hated the idea of his other son being gay/bi? F—k off #emmerdale"

Others wrote:

"I hope that story Robert told Aaron about Jack was a lie, otherwise that was an awful retcon of a beloved character. #Emmerdale #JackSugden"

"@Emmerdale I don’t remember Robert having a problem with Jack over some bloke"

"'Nobody knows' and nor did the public. Not really something Jack would’ve hidden in 2001. Wasn’t Robert in Spain 2001-2003? #EmmerdaleFarm"

"They’ve just ruined Jack. Oop. #Emmerdale"

"Woah! Saint Jack had a go at his son after catching him with a boy? Jack who cheated on his wives several times? #emmerdale"

What did you think of Robert’s shocking confession?

What do you think will happen with Paddy and Pierce?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@CloserOnline).


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