Emmerdale spoilers: Emma Barton frames Cain Dingle for death of James Barton


Closer bring you the latest spoilers and gossip from the UK's most loved Yorkshire soap. The Emmerdale gang have provided us with YEARS of pure, delicious, golden drama. Are you Robron's biggest fan? Do you know exactly how much a pint and a packet of pork scratchings are in the Woolpack? Do you secretly wish you were a Dingle?

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Emmerdale spoilers: Emma Barton frames Cain Dingle for death of James Barton

Does Emma think she can outsmart the police? Of course she can...

After Emmerdale's huge #NoReturn week that saw Emma Barton throw her partner of a motorway bridge, Emma is taking desperate measures in ensuring she gets away with pure and utter bloodthirsty murder.

The 'wicked witch' of Emmerdale put on a sterling performance convincing the police and her family that Cain Dingle could have been the one who killed James. Despite Cain being nowhere near the motorway at the time, Emma did an amazing job of telling police about the tension between James and Cain over Moira. And given Cain's police record, it's definitely throwing police off the scent.

But will Emma be able to live her lies and pin her crime on innocent men like Ashley Thomas and Cain? Or will she start feeling guilty?

Surely there is some evidence out there that she hasn't cleaned up yet. Like her blood-stained wedding dress...

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Emmerdale spoilers: Robron's wedding to be 'raw and honest'

Because even soap land loves a happy ending sometimes

Emmerdale’s beloved Robron (that’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle, duh) have definitely been through the mill the past few weeks. From finally finding happiness at last to finding themselves trapped in their car underwater – the newly engaged couple were very nearly torn apart by tragedy when Aaron had an extremely close brush with death.

Viewers were reassured that their favourite soup couple survived the crash as Aaron appeared among the mourners at James Barton’s funeral, looking very much alive.

This means that we’ve all got a wedding to get super excited about, especially as Emmerdale are set to start filming their 2017 nuptials extremely soon.

Addressing the furore surrounding Robron, Producer Iain Macleod promised that although their wedding will be a jolly affair, you’ll be needing your tissues:

"I've read the script already and it's really heartbreaking.

"It is big emotionally, in keeping with their characters - I don’t think anybody is expecting dancing girls and show tunes, so it is quite raw and honest. And it has got a healthy dose of sort of Dingle craziness at the heart of it that threatens to derail things. It is huge emotional territory and I hope people will like it when it airs next year."

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, added: "Iain's right in that it would be against the characters if it was too big. So it won't be a big pink stereotypical wedding. I'm hoping they keep it more like a Dingle-type celebration."

Finally something HAPPY to looking forward to in the dales. Yaaaaay.

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Charity Dingle to DIE? – Friday 28 October

If Emmerdale viewers think Holly Barton’s death, and Emmerdale’s Big Week was enough they were wrong because next week the Dingle’s are left questioning whether Charity has killed herself.

In next week’s episode we’ll see Charity and Cain decide to move to France to live with their daughter Debbie after Cain realises it’s truly over with him and Moira.

However, Charity’s son Noah tells Moira (Cain’s estranged wife) that he wants to live with her instead of his mum and Cain in France. And when Charity speaks to Noah he tells her he never wants to see her again.


After waving farewell to the Dales and their family the pair set off on their new life in France but on the way Cain begins to have second thoughts, pulls the car over and ends their relationship – leaving Charity distraught.

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, reveals why his character has second-thoughts with Charity: "Cain has the bolt-from-the-blue moment of clarity: 'What the hell am I doing in the car with Charity? I should be back with Moira'.

"He’s just getting annoyed by Charity too, but I don’t think that’s the reason.

"It’s an epiphany moment for him where he realises he’s making a really bad decision and his heart belongs in Emmerdale with his ex-wife."

Poor Charity, after being rejected from Cain and not on the best terms with her son Noah she drives to the edge of a cliff…

Back in the village Cain is told that his car is at the bottom of the lake but he thinks Charity is playing games, whereas the rest of his family aren’t sure.

Jeff confessed: "If she [Charity] has died, that would just add to his current woes. The guilt of Charity dying on his shoulders would not be a good thing."

What do think has happened to Charity?

Emmerdale spoilers: Ashley Thomas to expose Emma Barton as evil fatal crash culprit?

Ashley Thomas could expose Emma Barton as the culprit behind this week’s horrific fatal car crash.

Villain Emma was responsible for causing the accident which saw her estranged husband James Barton die and other characters Aaron Dingle, Robert Sudden, Parry Kirk, Pierce Harris, Rhona Goskirk and Lachlan White seriously injured.

Emma thinks she’ll get away with manslaughter but she has no idea Ashley saw that she was involved and that she flung James off a bridge.

She even later squeezed James’ life support tube to aid his death as he lay injured on the hospital ward.

In scenes that aired on Friday, he told police: “There was someone on the bridge. There was someone up high. I think there was…���

The vicar’s dementia symptoms meant he was unable to finish his sentence before he burst into tears, saying: “No, no, I can’t. I’m sorry.”

But as he spotted Emma , he appeared to remember what she had done.

Viewers quickly assumed the news would soon come out, with one tweeting: “Oh gawd! Ashley almost remembered and Emma’s squeezing the support! (chews nails) Me poor nerves!”

Another wrote: “Oh, please, Ashley, please, please remember it was scary Emma on the bridge!”

After his possible realisation, Ashley simply told Emma: “I will pray for you.”

Emmerdale: James Barton loses his life as #NoReturn week reaches it's climax

The soaps #NoReturn week reached it's peak last night, as it was revealed that the fatal car crash, caused by Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney), claimed just one life.

James Barton, who was flung from a 30-foot-high motorway bridge by a deranged Emma, died from his severe injuries in hospital.

Tearjerking scenes had viewers on the edge of their seats as Rhona, Aaron and James appeared to flatline in their hospital beds - keeping us all hooked until the very last minutes.

Ross, Pete, Finn and Adam Barton all have no idea that their mum is solely responsible for the death of their dad. Emma even appeared to try and urge James' death by squeezing his oxygen tube that was keeping him alive.

Speaking about his exit from Emmerdale, actor Bill Ward said: "I was delighted with the story. What I particularly liked was that it came from the characters. It wasn't just down to a stunt that got dreamt up. I loved the writing."

Despite rumours of up to three beloved Emmerdale characters facing their deaths, Aaron and Rhona were well enough to attened the funeral of James - leading viewers to believe that the fatal 'Hollywood-esque' car pile-up only claimed one life.

But how will Emma keep this secret? Will the village blame dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas for causing the crash? Will Aaron and Robert make it down the aisle? And what about Lachlan?

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Emmerdale spoilers: Dominic Blunt hints that up to THREE characters die tonight

Dominic, who plays Emmerdale's Paddy Kirk, appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning alongside Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce Harris, to tease more details surrounding tonight's epic car crash stunt - that involves many beloved soap characters.

Among those whose lives are in jeopardy are Paddy, as well as Rhona, Pierce, Aaron, Robert, Ashley, James and Emma.

Viewers are already beside themselves at the thought of losing either Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden (AKA 'Robron') especially as Robert was soooooo close to proposing to the man of his dreams.

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod has also teased that Emma and James CAUSE the accident by having a mammoth fight in the middle of the road.

Revealing a spoiler on Emmerdale's twitter page, Iain said:

"There’s a massive accident that happens, and it arises out of the marriage difficulties of a couple of characters in the show. They have a massive fight, it turns a bit violent, and then the consequences are colossal and 10 people nearly lose their lives."

Teasing tonight's scenes, Dominic said: "There is a rumour that one character gets killed. It's at least one character that I know of. It's up to three characters.

"One of the newspapers found out that one of the characters dies, but they didn't know what happens."

He then added that the epic stunt is one of the most amazing things he's ever witnessed in soapland.

"They've spent more on one episode than has ever been spent ever on any soap in the world ever. It's amazing."

We're scared/excited/worried about tonight's events and we'll ALL have to wait until FRIDAY to find out who will meet their maker.

Ahhhh the suspense.

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Emmerdale spoilers: First pictures of DEADLY car crash pile up - Thursday 20th October

Thursday's double bill of Emmerdale could leave a number of lives in danger...

Viewers are already aware that the terrible motorway smash will leave lives hanging in the balance - but who is directly involved in the carnage? And who will make it out alive?

All the episodes this week have given an indication that a traffic collision has happened - the episodes are all set in a 24 hour time period focusing on different characters - which means that it's been pretty hard to piece it all together.

Only now can we reveal the scale of the destruction as at least a dozen vehicles are involved in the huge stunt.

The spoiler images show Ashley Thomas, Rhona Goskirk, Paddy Kirk and Pierce Harris all involved in the crash.

Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden still unaccounted for after they were involved in a car crash of their own - was that the same pile-up or did that take place away from the motorway?

James and Emma Barton will also be involved in some sort of carnage of their own - but it's unclear whether they will be involved in the crash.

Thursday's double bill will focus on Ashley's daughter's christening.

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Will James escape from Emma? - Wednesday 19th October

Tonight's episode (Wednesday 19th) will focus on Emma and James Barton

After being drugged, tied up and antagonised by Emma (who really has lost the plot), James tries to think quickly about his escape route. With Emma changing into her wedding dress and waving a machete around the place - James has no choice but to think fast.

With Emma out, James carries out an act of defiance by scrawling "I DO NOT" across their wedding vows. He then hears a lorry driving outside and desperately tries to get the attention of the driver, but to no avail.

James is then left with no choice but to try and make a run for it, leaving him to fall down the stairs. Now at Emma’s mercy, who has revenge running through her veins - what what price will he pay to save his own life?

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