Emmerdale theory: Are all these SHOCK car accidents interlinked?

Eagled eyed viewers have spotted something pretty important...

Emmerdale's huge 'no return' storyline has just notched up a gear!

After Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden's shock car crash yesterday, leaving viewers desperate of their fate - tonight's episode had a HUGE about of de ja vu as Paddy and Rhona collided with another car on the motorway.

Aaaaaaand, where the HELL is Marlon?

After Pierce catches Rhona lying to him about her feelings for Paddy, he speeds off in his car, leaving Rhona and Paddy with no choice but to follow him.

Again, the episode ended with ANOTHER car crash - leaving fans to question whether they are all involved in one massive collision, leading to multiple injuries and possible deaths.

Anyone else spot Aaron's blue suburu in the distance?

The theory even includes the fact that there may be more cars involved, especially as the episodes focus on specific characters and the events leading up to the tragic funeral on Friday.

Here's what Emmerdale fans on twitter had to say:

Some Emmerdale fans have a theory that the car may belong to Ashley and Laurel...

The fog was waaaay too heavy to make out the make and model of the car so we'll just have to wait and see.

We're on the edge of our seats right now and we're already counting down the hours until tomorrow's episode - focusing on James and Holly Barton. Will James make it out alive?


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