Ex on the Beach spoilers: Jenny Thompson FINALLY heads into the villa

Jenny Thompson – who had a threesome – with Wayne Rooney is heading into Ex on the Beach

It's a new week which means a new Ex on the Beach episode and tonight two new ex's are heading into the villa and one of them happens to be Jenny Thompson. Viewers might remember back in 2010 she hit headlines after it was revealed she was an escort who had a threesome with Wayne Rooney, while his wife Coleen was five months pregnant. Since then she has quit escorting, has a daughter and is now on Ex on the Beach!

In tonight's episode Harriette reveals to Zahida that last night had a "happy ending" now that she's officially boyfriend and girlfriend with Ross. Meanwhile Sean tells Zahida that he thinks she shouldn’t have gotten as attached to him considering the amount of time they've spent together. We wonder how she'll take that…

Later on in the day the Tablet of Terror tells Josh, Harriette and Aaron to head down to the beach to meet the next ex. Harriette doesn't think anyone can break what she has with Ross, Aaron is worried it might be his ex and Josh is hoping it is one of Aaron's exes so he can sleep with someone.

Jenny Thompson is finally heading into the villa (Credit: MTV)

Unfortunately for Josh it's his ex-girlfriend Jenny. Unlike most of the former Ex on the Beach cast mates who have a strained relationship with the ex-Josh is actually relived at Jenny's arrive as there's no awkwardness between them and admits: "It could have been ten times worse".

The Tablet of Terror rings again and sends Aaron and Jenny on a beer pong date. The pair enjoy their date and because they're both single not only do they flirt a little but they share a cheeky kiss too.

Later on when Jenny and Aaron return from their date all the housemates decide to play the game 'f—k, marry and avoid,' but when Ross chooses to marry Harriette and sleep with Becca, his girlfriend doesn't take his choice too well.

Can Ross and Harriette survive this argument? (Credit: MTV)

It all kicks off after Jack teases Harriette and Aaron ends up literally holding her back. Things go from bad to worse for Harriette when Ross tells her their relationship can't continue if she keeps having fights with Jack…

The next day the Tablet of Terror sends Maisie, Zahida and Jack to meet the next ex to arrive on the island. Maisie who has felt that she can't be herself in the villa hopes one of her ex-boyfriends arrive so she can have a familiar face in the house.

Luckily it's her ex-Sam but things aren't great between the pair as he tells the group she cheated on him. The Tablet of Terror (perfect timing as usual) rings and sends Zahida and Sam on a date and while Maisie and Jack head back to the villa Zahida fills Sam in on Maisie offering herself up to the other guys in the villa.

Zahida is happy to tell Sam what Maisie has been up to in the villa (Credit: MTV)


In the evening Maisie attempts to talk things through with Sam but will he believe he that she didn’t cheat on him during their relationship? And after a few drinks an argument begins to escalate between Becca, Jenny and Aaron…

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Will Jack and Harriette be able to overcome her argument with Jack? What do you think? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Ex on the Beach continues on Tuesday 14 March at 10pm only on MTV.

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