Here's three EXCLUSIVE Hollyoaks spoilers you DO NOT want to miss

Happy FriYAY Hollyoaks fans. We've got three exclusive spoilers to start off your weekend. If you're interested, they involve Leela, Cameron, Nick, Ellie, Amy and Ryan. We KNOW, RIGHT??

1. OMG. Killer Cameron has escaped

The Lomaxes (is that the correct plural for a Lomax?) are trapped in their home after news reaches them that Killer Cameron has escaped from prison. Eeks. Leela - who is being hounded by a creepy stalker - becomes convinced that Cameron is the one behind the photos and texts she's been receiving. Leela's suspicions are roused when DC Armstrong links the messages to a number - and it starts ringing in Peri's bag. When news reaches her that Cam has escaped during a riot - she is certain the pair are working together as a father/daughter team to bring her down. Is she right?

Has Leela's stalker been unmasked? (credit: Lime Pictures)

Kirsty-Leigh Potter, who plays Leela, said: "Peri is going through a tough time herself so Leela can kind of see why she’d act out. But at the same time you’d never expect your daughter to do something like that. She would just be totally shocked but wouldn’t hold back from confronting Peri.

Probs don't get too close to Peri... (credit: Lime Pictures)

"Simone and Leela don’t really see eye to eye as it is, and Simone can put up a good fight. I think it would be good to see them come to blows but it would be awful for Leela because she is actually in the wrong."

2. The fallout from Ellie's rape continues

The Nightingales struggle to cope in the aftermath of Ellie's shock rape reveal. Mac wants to go to the police, but Ellie begs him not to. It's Marnie who convinces her daughter that reporting Nick is the right thing to do. Elsewhere Dirk and Holly believe Nick is innocent after learning what happened on the night of the traffic light party. Meanwhile, Alfie supports Ellie but warns Cindy that she needs to protect Holly if they plan to stand by Nick. Ellie and Nick both give statements to the police - but will Ellie get justice?

The aftermath of Ellie's reveal continues (credit: Lime Pictures)

3. Ryan returns with a surprise for Amy

Ok, so we all know by now that Amy's days are numbered. But let's pretend they're not for one moment. Ryan returns next week and proposes to Amy again. She finally accepts, with some persuasion from Ste. But would he be so willing to help if he knew that Ryan wanted to move Amy, Leah and Lucas to America for a new life. Will Amy agree, will Ste find out and what will he do to stop them?

What will Amy say to Ryan? (credit: Lime Pictures)

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