Everyone's devo Sienna and Warren have broken up

We know she tried to kill his son, but still...

Last night's Hollyoaks episode had us all in FLOODS of tears. And no, not because Joel nearly died, but because Sienna and Warren broke up for good.

Because although we all know it's really for the best (what with them both being absolute psychopaths and all), the death of their relationship was still totes emosh.

In case you missed it, here's what happened in the last couple of episodes...

Sienna knocked Joel out with his motorbike helmet, then dragged him into Warren's garage and accidentally set the whole thing on fire by knocking a lamp over into a pool of petrol.

Not very clever.

Warren then turned up and tried to put out the fire that was taking over his business, but Sienna was pulling him back for some reason...

Of course, we knew that she'd planned this whole thing to get back at him for letting Nico die in the Halloween fire, and wanted to let Joel die as revenge. But Warren didn't.

He agreed not to go in after she pleaded with him not to, but then he spotted something - Joel's bike.

Warren then pushed her out the way and ran to save his son, at which point the garage explodes and they both fall to the ground unconscious.

In the next episode which aired later on E4, we saw that they'd all survived. But the emotional scene in which they broke up was just too much for viewers.

Warren said: "All that time we sat up in bed - me doing the paper, you plotting ways to kill my son. Why? I thought what we had was real."

Thankfully, E4 have posted the entire scene on Twitter, which you can watch below.

Shellshocked fans immediately took to Twitter to mourn the death of Hollyoaks' least functional romance...

And it wasn't just the storyline people were loving. Praise flooded in for the Anna Pasey and Jamie Lomas who play Sienna and Warren.

We literally CANNOT WAIT to watch tonight's ep!

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