All the Hollyoaks spoilers you need to know this week

Hollyoaks fans - hold onto your hats because next week sees Amy Barnes die. Read on for more spoilers

We've known it's been coming for weeks but that doesn't make knowing that Amy's death is approaching pretty fast. Before she goes to meet her maker though, she manages to tie the knot with Ryan in a beautiful ceremony. But their happiness is set to be short-lived. How will the village react to Amy's shock death? What will it do to Ryan? What will happen to Leah and Lucas? And, most importantly, WHODUNNIT?

1. Ryan and Amy's wedding day arrives

Amy looks beautiful of her wedding day (credit: Lime Pictures)

Amy and Ryan get ready to say their vows to each other and Ryan presents her with print outs of their boarding passes and tells them they could leave for America tonight. Mike and Ryan convince Amy that leaving would be for the best, but they both feel guilty when they see how much Ste has done to help with the wedding. Amy looks stunning as she finally walks down the aisle, to a teary Ryan. At the reception, Mike shakes Ste's hand and tells him he's proud of how he's behaved but warns him not to mess up. Will Ste be able to stay in Mike's good books? Erm.....have a guess.

2. Scott and Mercedes make an interesting discovery

Mercedes makes an interesting discovery (credit: Lime Pictures)

Scott asks Mercedes to be his plus 1 at the wedding. As they head to the shops to find something to wear, James sees tham and assumes that Mercy is involved with Scott's fraud. He tells them to pay him back or he will go to the police. Later, James is covering the bar at the reception, and he refuses to serve Scott or Mercedes. Later in the week, Mercedes steals the keys to James' flat from The Dog and she and Scott let themselves in. They're intrigued when they find a key and discover it unlocks a trunk. They can't believe their luck when they find some embarrassing footage of audition DVDs from his law school drama club.

3. Leah and Lucas go missing

Those little faces won't stay happy for long (credit: Lime Pictures)

After a tragic discovery, Leah and Lucas run away from the Lomax's, where they have been staying. Leela and Zack team up to find them. Zack understands what it's like to lose a family member as he felt the same when Lisa went missing - an empathetic Zack knows how to comfort a distraught Leah.

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