It's Freddie Friday and here are 3 Hollyoaks spoilers to celebrate

Freddie Roscoe is about to leave Hollyoaks Village - read on for spoilers on what, why and when!

It's not a FriYAY for us today as Freddie Roscoe is leaving Hollyoaks - and we really can't cope! But we've decided that today will be Freddie Friday in his honour. Freddie discovers he's in a whole lot of trouble after he attacks Nick as payback for raping Ellie. But will he be leaving in a police car - or some other way?

1. Freddie says goodbye to Ellie

It's an emotional goodbye for Freddie (credit: Lime Pictures)

Freddie Roscoe stepped up and took the law into his own hands by attacking Nick Savage after the charges against him raping Freddie's girlfriend, Ellie Nightingale, were dropped. But Freddie is forced to go on the run in tonight's E4 First Look episode after discovering he could face 12 years in prison for the assault.

Ellie wants to leave with him (credit: Lime Pictures)

Ellie wants to leave Hollyoaks with him, but Freddie realises he can't take her away from her family. The couple say an emotional goodbye, before Darren drives Freddie off into the sunset. Sob.

Ellie is devastated by Freddie leaving (credit: Lime Pictures)

Charlie Clapham, who plays the last Roscoe standing says: "Freddie Roscoe, last Roscoe standing - I never thought I'd see that. It only seems like yesterday we were all starting together. It’s only when the rest of the family leaves that you really appreciate how good it was when we were all together.

“If I could bring one Roscoe back, it would be Gillian Taylforth who played Sandy. She was amazing in so many ways: a true professional, a wonderful actress, a real friend, an amazing all round telly-mum. And if you asked any of the Roscoe boys, I bet they'd say the same.”

Well, you never know Charlie, Gillian is a bit of an expert at soap comebacks...

2. Joel discovers that Warren killed Bart

We were teased with Joel's empty hospital bed earlier this week (credit: Lime Pictures)

Warren finally manages to move Bart's body out of Sally and Neeta's flat. He plans to set fire to the block of flats, then move it when everyone is evacuated. He stashes the body in the back of his van, but freaks out when the van goes missing.

A series of events eventually leads to Joel discovering the grisly truth about Bart's demise and that his dad is responsible. Will he tell the truth about Katy's death or go to the police? Or is there something grisly in store for him after that hospital bed Easter Egg...

3. Harry makes a discovery about Ste

Harry uses Tony at Ste's sentencing (credit: Lime Pictures)

Harry realises that Ste's memory of killing Amy is actually false and tries to convince him to change his plea to 'Not Guilty.' Harry uses his own dad, Tony, to cause a scene and delay court proceedings.

But will Ste be convinced that maybe he didn't kill Amy after all? We knew it wasn't that simple!

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