Hollyoaks Spoilers: Dark days ahead as Scott Drinkwell tries to take his own life

Hollyoaks is left shaken when Scott Drinkwell makes an attempt on his own life - but why?

Hollyoaks fans know that Scott Drinkwell has been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster over recent times. He's discovered he's adopted, and then that his biological mum lied to him. And all this is on top of the whole Jean-Paul leaving thing. Anyway, needless to say, Scott is not a very good place right now.

But things take a shocking turn for the worse, when Scott tries to commit suicide next week.

Mercedes and Diane can't believe what they see (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Mercedes McQueen is stunned when she sees Scott being stretchered out of his flat and into an ambulance. She wonders if he's been attacked.

But when she discovers his video camera and watches it with Diane, they are stunned to find out that he tried to take his own life. But they can't work out why.

Diane decides it was a cry for help and that he didn't intend to actually kill himself. But is she right? When she and Mercy visit him in hospital, he's conscious but there's something missing from him.

Was it a cry for help? (Credit: Liime Pictures)

Esther encourages Mercedes to support Scott, but is Mercy emotionally strong enough to take Scott on too? Or will she just be typical Mercedes and brush it under the carpet?

Let's hope Scott gets the help he needs to pull through this.

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