3 sizzling Hollyoaks spoilers to get your Wednesday going

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It's another busy week in Hollyoaks as the villagers gather to say a final goodbye to Amy Barnes. Some old faces turn up for the funeral, but are old tensions still high? It's also Ste's sentencing and Harry is struggling to cope. It's also Maxine and Adam's engagement party, but it looks like someone is out to sabotage it....wonder who that could be.

1. Kathy Barnes and Zoe Carpenter clash

This could get awkward (credit: Lime Pictures)

Amy's mum, Kathy, and old friend Zoe turn up for the funeral. Now old school Hollyoaks fans know that Zoe (former best friend and lesbian lover of Kathy's other daughter, Sarah) tore the Barnes family apart when she began an affair with Mike. It might have been years ago but there is still no love lost between the two women. Zoe offers an olive branch to Kathy, but it's quickly thrown back in her face when Kathy accuses her of trying to seduce Ryan.

2. The day of Ste's sentencing arrives

Ste waits to hear his fate (credit: Lime Pictures)

It's the day of Ste's sentencing and Harry isn't coping well. He causes a distraction in the court to delay proceedings and tells James to get some time with Ste. Ste sends an apology to the Barnes family on the day of Amy's funeral, but Kathy refuses to accept it. Leah and Lucus overhear her saying that Ste killed Amy. Meanwhile, Tony is worried that Harry is failing uni and asks Ste to let him go. Ste has to be cruel to be kind when Harry comes to visit him, but Harry is confused when one of Ste's memories from the night Amy died doesn't add up...

3. Maxine's engagement party doesn't go to plan

Is Dacry behind the chaos? (credit: Lime Pictures)

Maxine is delighted when Adam proposes and organises her party to perfection. But she's thrown when Darcy reveals it's Toby's birthday on the same day and they've had to postpone his party. Maxine reluctantly agrees to share her party with Toby. She's devasted when it turns into a kids' party and gets ridiculously drunk before throwing up during her speech. Darcy watches on, slyly. Later Adam consoles Maxine and reveals he's booked their wedding for two weeks time.

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