Hollyoaks' Summer of Secrets trailer is out and there's a LOT of drama ahead for the village

There's going to be a lot of drama in Hollyoaks this month for the Summer of Secrets

Hollyoaks bosses have revealed there's going to be a lot of drama over the upcoming weeks with Sienna Blake, Warren Fox, Tony Hutchinson, Mandy Richardson, Luke Morgan, Nancy Osborne, Shane Sweeney, Neeta Kaur and Hunter McQueen.

Viewers of the Channel 4 soap are aware that pregnant Sienna has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. In upcoming scenes, she will undertake an operation to save the life of her unborn twins and herself.

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After Warren finally comes face to face with the person who has been blackmailing him, Sienna tells her fiancé that the operation was a success and she no longer has cancer. However, it's later revealed that she lied to Warren and although her cancer is still there she's refusing to have any more treatment.

Sienna will lie to her fiancé about her cancer treatment (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Elsewhere in the village, Darren is still harbouring the secret that he's shifting heroin behind his wife's back. Just when Darren tells Shane that he "needs to get out" of the drug dealing world, he's told "there is no way out".


To make things even worse, Nancy seems be onto her husband and slaps him after she finds a suspicious amount of cash. Cleo McQueen later warns Darren that if "I get found out, so do you" but what secret are they both sharing?

Are the villagers about to discover Neeta and Hunters's affair? (Credit: Lime Pictures)

There also trouble in paradise for the forbidden couple Neeta and her pupil Hunter. Fans of the show have seen the couple sneak around together for weeks and we were all recently left wondering whether Neeta is pregnant but in upcoming scenes it looks like their secret affair it out.

Viewers will see the teacher tell Alfie Nightingale (who is friends with Hunter) that she's "so incredibly sorry" while her boyfriend Mac looks on in shock…

What's Neeta sorry about?

There's even more drama ahead for Mandy and Luke (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Even though viewers have seen Mandy and Luke back on their TV screens it wasn't going to be long before Tony Hutchinson and his ex-wife Mandy reunite and in upcoming scenes viewers will see the pair come face to face in Oaks.

Things seem to go from bad to worse for Mandy though, as she struggles to deal with her fiancés alcohol problems and she is later seen begging someone not to take her daughter Ella off her…

So much drama and we're totally here for it.

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