Which Love Island boy has the biggest.... EGO? Here's our official ranking...

Love Island fans, we know what you're all wondering - which of the boys has the BIGGEST... ego! Well wonder no more, here's our official ranking...

After last night’s challenge - which saw the boys compete in a ‘hottest body’ competition - there were definitely some bruised egos when new boy Chris was crowned the winner! The flirty 24-year-old from Gloucestershire was clearly a hit with the girls in the villa (he tried it on with Camilla, Montana AND Chloe), and the competition between the boys was definitely stepped up a notch.

But forget the size of the triceps - what we want to know is which of the lovely Love Island chaps has the biggest ego. Here's where they all place so far...

7th place: Sam Gowland

Sam is on chill dude (Credit: ITV)

So Sam lost the ‘hot bodies’ competition, but he took it like an absolute champ and laughed it off. Take notes, boys! He openly admitted that he prefers boozing to going to the gym (er, same!), and on his date with Olivia, he tried to persuade her to go on holiday with him to Benidorm! Judging by Liv’s reaction, he’s going to have to do a lot more persuasion, but we love him for trying!

6th place: Dom Lever

Pull yourself together, mate! (Credit: ITV)

When Dom was voted the second worst body in the villa, the look on his face was absolutely priceless! The original island heartthrob looked FUMING when the results were announced, and he even went into the diary room afterwards to have a little sulk. After having Montana and Jess fighting over him initially, maybe the attention has gone to his head? Pull yourself together, Dom!

5th place: Harley Judge

Someone needs to learn to play it cool! (Credit: ITV)

First poor Harley was dumped by Amber for Kem, and then he got the boot from Chloe after she was wooed by new boy Chris. Usually we’d feel a bit sorry for the poor lad, but his stroppy (and dare we say slightly desperate?) reactions did absolutely nothing to hide the fact that his ego has taken a massive hit. Hasn’t he ever heard the phrase, ‘play it cool’?

4th place: Marcel Sommerville

Sorry mate, have we seen you before? (Credit: ITV)

Does he want to mention Blazin Squad (or ‘THE SQUAD’ as he likes to call it - LOL!) one more time? Enough said.

3rd place: Chris Hughes

Cocky Chris isn't short of confidence (Credit: ITV)

Ok, so we’ve only seen Chris for one episode so far so maybe we’re not fair to judge just yet, but after cracking onto THREE girls on the first day, and even managing to sneak in a cheeky snog with Chloe, we’re guessing that Chris’ ego is already pretty big. Watch out Dom, his ego is only set to get bigger if the girls carry on falling at his knees like they have done so far!

2nd place: Kem Cetinay

Kem needs to up his game (Credit: ITV)

After clearly making his feelings for Amber VERY obvious (and borderline creepy tbh), Kem’s ego definitely took a bit of a hit when she refused to let him ‘put it on her’ during their first bit of alone time together, and his attempts at a sneaky kiss and cuddle on the outside beds with her failed miserably! Maybe his game will improve with more pep-talks from Olivia... or maybe not!

WINNER: Jonny Mitchell

Meet Mr Ego! (Credit: ITV)

Again, possibly not fair to judge on new boy Jonny just yet as we’ve only seen him in one episode so far, BUT he seemed to play it pretty cool on his date with ultimate-closed-book Camilla. He tried his best on what was potentially the most awkward date so far, but Camilla wasn’t having any of it!

Do you agree with our list - or do you tink we've judged one of the boys too harshly (or let someone off the hoook!)? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter


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