Love Island lingo: Your ultimate guide to Love Island chat

Wanna chat like your favourite Love Islanders (or at least be able to understand what they're on about)? Then you need our ULTIMATE guide to Love Island lingo...

If like Camilla, you’re often left wondering what the hell the other islanders are talking about, then you need our guide to the Love Island Lingo of 2017.

They really do sound like they’re speaking a totally different language sometimes, so here we give you the low-down on what those words and phrases really mean…

Montana doesn't want it stuck on her - OK! (Credit: Love Island)

1. Stick it on him/her

To make a move on someone, flirt with someone or express desire/intent. Nothing to do with actually sticking anything on anyone.

Use it in a sentence: “Do not even think about sticking it on me tonight”

2. Melt

If you’re acting a bit pathetic and getting a bit soppy over a girl/boy, but not in a good way! Trying too hard, acting a bit desperate. Although we know its hot in Mallorca, the islanders aren’t actually melting.

Use it in a sentence: “You’re such a melt” OR “The guy is a tuna MELT”

3. Ick

When you get a bad gut feeling about someone that you just can’t shake off.

Use it in a sentence: “When you’ve seen a boy and got the ick, it’s caught you and its taken over your body. Its just ick.”

Kem is pranging out (Credit: Love Island)

4. Pranging out

Something that gives you a sudden wave of anxiety and panic.

Use it in a sentence: “When that new boy came in, I immediately started pranging out”

5. Graft / grafting

When you put in the work with someone romantically. Not to be mistaken for doing actual hard work, which we know none of them are really doing during their 7 weeks in the villa.

Use it in a sentence:“I’ve been grafting all day” OR “You really gotta put in the graft with that one”

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6. Salty

If someone acts a bit off with you, acts a bit negatively towards you. Rarely used in the villa to describe a taste.

Use it in a sentence: “Why you being so salty with me?”

7. Crack on

To try and start a romantic relationship with someone.

Use it in a sentence: “We’re done now so you two can crack on.”

Quick! Someone help Olivia out the dicksand! (Credit: Love Island)

8. Dicksand

Like quicksand, ‘dicksand’ is what you get caught in when you’re totally obsessed with a guy and can’t get him out of your head.

Use it in a sentence: “I’ve fallen right into dicksand”f

9. Pied

When you get dumped, or dump someone. Nothing to do with the pastry-based food item.

Use it in a sentence: “She proper pied him off. Bet he feels like a right mug”

10. Extra

When you take something too far, and be too overdramatic about something. This one genuinely doesn’t make any sense to us.

Use it in a sentence: “Why are you getting so extra about it?”

Don't mug Chris off (Credit: Love Island)

11. Mugged off / muggy

When someone goes behind your back, or acts sneaky and plays you for a fool. Often mistaken for describing warm, humid weather.

Use it in a sentence: “You started chatting her up when you know she’s with me. You mugged me off, mate” OR “What you did back there, that was proper muggy” OR “MUGGY MIKE” (FYI, totally our new favourite Love Island nickname…)

12. Snake

When someone is being deceitful or sly behind you’re back. Don’t panic, this isnt to be mistaken for actual reptiles in the villa.

“She’s such a snake”

13. Eggs in baskets

Literally every islander has uttered the phrase, “eggs in baskets” at somepoint this series, and although its pretty self-explanatory, we couldn’t write a Love Island Dictionary without adding this one in there. It basically means to refer to your potential partners as ‘eggs’, so if you really like someone then you may put all your eggs in one basket.

Use it in a sentence: “Are all your eggs in Alex’s basket then? Or are there still some left over?”

Amber's into him... on paper, at least (Credit: Love Island)

14. On paper...

When someone is your type, but there’s just something missing. They might look like the type of person you’d go for, but in real life there’s just something missing!

Use it in a sentence: “On paper, he is 100% my type”

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