Michelle Keegan stars as Mary Queen of Scots in new series of Drunk History

Coronation Street and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan is going back in time as Mary Queen of Scots in new series of Drunk History

Michelle Keegan's career shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

After the country took her to their hearts as poor Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street, she then impressed us all as Lance Corporal Georgie Lane in Our Girl - and she did a bang up job as Bobby Moore's wife Tina in an ITV dramatisation of their lives.

So we're sure you'll be pleased to hear that she'll be back on your screens TONIGHT in a brand new series of Drunk History.

Michelle Keegan will star as Mary Queen of Scots in tonight's episode of Drunk History (Credit: Comedy Central)

Yep - Mich will star as Elizabeth I's notorious cousin, Mary Queen of Scots in an episode of Comedy Central's new show.

Drunk History features comedians get drunk on camera and retelling a true historical story that they know well, with actors playing out the new, "blurry" versions of history.

Sounds like a good idea to us - we just wish we could get paid for rambling along to TV with a glass of wine...

Mary gets a bit naughty in tonight's ep (Credit: Comedy Central)

In tonight's episode, Michelle will star alongside comedian Katy Brand, who will play Elizabeth I, with the episode being narrated by Drifters stars Lydia Rose Bewley and Jess Knappett.

We even have two short clips to show you from the episode to wet your whistle.

In this clip, Jess starts off by setting the scene, telling the audiences how Mary was married to Lord Darnley, but was sleeping with her secretary.

Michelle hilariously mouths along with Jess whilst her husband Lord Darnley, who has caught them in the act, mimes to Lydia's voice.

The show also stars Katy Brand as Elizabeth I (Credit: Comedy Central)

In this second clip, we get a glimpse of Katy Brand doing her best Queenie impression - and doing it rather well, might we add.

Of her starring role, Michelle said: "I'm a big fan of the show, I think it's hilarious. I love the concept, you can just have a laugh!"

She also revealed that she would invite Henry VIII to a fantasy dinner party, explaining: "I want to gossip about his wives. Who was a better cook, who was a better cleaner, who did he love the most. Those sorts of things."

Michelle gets her sass on as Mary Queen of Scots (Credit: Comedy Central)

Sounds like you're settling into your character well, Mich!

Don't miss Michelle's episode tonight at 10pm on Comedy Central.

Drunk History airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Comedy Central UK.

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