Hollyoaks: everything we know about new girl Lily Drinkwell

Hollyoaks are on a roll right now!

Hollyoaks is off to a flying start to the year. First there was the explosive (literally) story line between Sienna and Warren, and then a new character turned up on the scene.

But who is she and what's she going to be bringing to Chester's most drama-filled suburb?

Well first up, her name's Lily Drinkwell, and she's the niece of Diane Hutchinson and cousin of Scott Drinkwell - both of whom she adores.

But why's she suddenly turned up in Hollyoaks?

Well, as regular viewers will know, Diane has just returned from France following the death of her sister who had cancer, and Lily is her daughter. And now that her mum has tragically passed away, Lily - who was caring for her - has come to live with her aunt and her family.

So what can we expect from Lily?

Well, despite her mature appearance she's actually still at school, and by all accounts, she's a bit of a swot.

In an introductory video posted on Channel 4's website, Lauren explained that although Lily is a "typical kind-hearted, butter-wouldn't-melt young teen", she's also pretty tough.

She also went on to say that while the character is currently more interested in her studie than boys, that could well change, and even hinted that Prince McQueen could be her "prince." Intriguing...

Eagle-eyed viewers might recognise the actress playing Lily - who amazingly is really called Lauren McQueen! Spooky! - from CBBC's The 4 o'clock Club or Ordinary Lies, which aired last year.

We think she's a great addition to the Hollyoaks cast, and can't wait to see what she has in store!

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