9 things you (probably) didn't know about Hollyoaks' Adam Rickett

Adam Rickett, 90s heart-throb and former Coronation Street star - has just been announced as Hollyoaks' newest cast member. Here are some surprising facts about the man of the moment.

Back in the late 90s, if you were a teenage girl, chances are you had a crush on Corrie's Nick Tilsley - played by the aesthetically pleasing Adam Rickett. Yes, he was up there with the likes of Jamie Mitchell and Billy Kennedy as the soap lad most of us would like to take home to meet our mums. Adam left the Corrie cobbles for good in 2004, and he's had a pretty colourful time since then. Here are some of our fave Ad Facts.

Adam Rickett is joining the cast of Hollyoaks (credit: Lime Pictures)

1. Adam Rickett was a child model

Dontcha just miss the 90s and the hair? (credit: Getty)

With those baby-faced good looks, it's hardly surprising to know that little Adam was a child model. He modelled again for lots of magazines after hitting the big time in Corrie. He's a natural, right? PS - can you believe he's almost 40??

2. Adam Rickett suffered from Bulimia as a teen

Looking great at 38 (credit: Twitter/AdamRickett)

Ads has been very vocal about battling eating disorder Bulimia when he was younger. He helped to draw attention to how male sufferers are largely ignored. He became bulimic at 16 and his weight dropped to a shocking six stone. Adam's honesty about his illness helped other young men with eating disorders speak out.

3. He was one half of Corrie's first gay kiss

THAT kiss with Todd Grimshaw (credit: ITV)

Hard to believe but gay kisses were still pretty uncommon on pre-watershed TV back in 2003. When Todd Grimshaw was still exploring his sexuality, he planted a smooch on then-girlfriend Sarah Platt's brother, Nick. It was pretty controversial at the time as it was Corrie's first same-sex kiss.

4. Adam Rickett has been a reality TV contestant...

With The Games contestants. No we don't recognise the others either (credit:Getty)

Before The Jump, C4 hosted another dangerous sport-based reality show called The Games. Adam took part in 2006 and ended up with two black eyes after an incident with a diving board. He finished in last place. Oops.

5. Adam Rickett was a pop star too

He's a man of many talents (credit: Getty)

After bowing out of Corrie, Adam decided to launch a pop career in 1999. Sadly, it didn't go to plan. He only recorded one album and his biggest single only reached no.5 in the UK charts. He had another stab at the music biz in 2010 but his comeback single failed to chart and his new album was never released. In 2014, Adam joined the acts on The Big Reunion and was put into a boyband along with Kavana, Dane Bowers, Kenzie and Gareth Gates.

6. Adam Rickett was GASSED on stage

Poor Adam was gassed on stage (credit: Getty)

Back when he had his pop star hat on, Adam was performing at The Prince's Trust Party in the Park in 1999. Mid-tune, a member of the audience sprayed some kind of gas onto Ads while he was doing his thing. Adam collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital. Er, ok.

7. Adam Rickett is married (boo!)

Adam and Katy on their wedding day (credit: Twitter/AdamRickett

In 2014 Adam broke the hearts of thousands of men and women when he married former Good Morning Britain Kate Fawcett. They began dating in 2012 and after their first date Adam said: "I called my mum that night and said: "I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry." Awwww.

8. Adam Rickett was almost a conservative MP

Adam is a true blue (credit: Twitter/AdamRickett

Yep, this is 100% True Fact. Back in 2000, Adam was approved as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative party. He appeared on Question Time and Sunday AM with Andrew Marr. Sadly his political career didn't really take off either.

9. Adam Rickett was once arrested for shoplifting

Naughty, naughty Ads (credit: Getty

In September 2007, Adam was allegedly arrested in a New Zealand store after being caught trying to whisk away a bottle of HP sauce, some cheese and a jar of coffee. He claimed it was a genuine mistake but later admitted he was drunk at the time of the offence. Whoops.

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