Phillip Schofield dresses in DRAG on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway tomorrow

King of Daytime TV Phillip Schofield will dress in drag in tomorrow night's instalment of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

There's literally nothing we don't love about Phillip Schofield.

From his adorable friendship with Queen Holly Willoughby and their hilarious cock-ups as TV's second favourite duo on This Morning (behind Ant & Dec of course), to his blatant sassiness (don't forget that time he and Kim Woodburn had a massive row) - we love him!

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We thought that nothing he did could shock us. UNTIL NOW.

Dun dun dun.

Phil and Hol have their naughty faces on... What are they planning? (Credit: ITV)

It turns out that in a segment on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway tomorrow night, Phillip Schofield, King of Daytime TV (and our hearts) is going to dress in DRAG.

We are honestly in shock.

Yep, Phil's in drag! (Credit: ITV)

Of course, we are not being derogatory towards people who do dress in drag whatsoever. Just merely that we were shocked to see Phil dress up in a little red tutu, stockings and stiletto heels.

We can't even write it without cracking up.

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We know that cackle well! (Credit: ITV)

The costume is part of the "Make 'Em Laugh" segment on Ant & Dec's Saturday night variety show. They get various people on to try and - you guessed it - make them laugh, and they have to try and keep super straight faces.

So they got on Phil and Hol, who can crack each other up just by making eye contact.

Ant & Dec are desperately trying not to laugh (Credit: ITV)

And what did they do to try and make 'em laugh? Well, see it for yourselves.

You know what though, Phillip is absolutely working that outfit.

Did you see the bit where he bent down?!

Phil flashes to the pair (Credit: ITV)


And what about the bit where he got his leg up on the table?

He was NOT afraid to flash the flesh (Credit: ITV)

Something tells us this isn't Phil's first time in heels...

Ant tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn't stop staring at Phil's shapely calf.

Ant was mesmerised... (Credit: ITV)

But we loved the moment Dec just absolutely lost it!

Dec couldn't hold it in any longer (Credit: ITV)

Then they both did!

Ant & Dec lose it (Credit: ITV)

They can't hold in the laughter - and neither can we! (Credit: ITV)

Holly and Phil have a celebratory high five.

They won! (Credit: ITV)

But Phil isn't exactly comfortable in the stockings...

Got a wedgie, Phillip? (Credit: ITV)

We literally can't wait to see this!

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