Is THIS who Ted shot in last night's Eastenders?

In last night's Eastenders, Ted Murray shot a mystery character - but who was it?

Last night's episode of Eastenders was full of drama. Bex kissed her teacher, Steven set Beales on fire (while Jane was still inside) and Linda admitted she'd been secretly suffering from cancer.

But the biggest shocker came in the last few seconds, when new resident Ted Murray shot somebody through the glass in his front door, in a state of panic.

The person was presumably knocking to see if Ted and Joyce were okay following the gas explosion, but believing it was a burglar, Ted pulled the trigger.

But who did he shoot?

Well, fans on Twitter certainly seem to have a theory...

One Eastenders viewer wrote: "Ahhh what's the betting Johnny's shot by Ted?", while another added: "Did Ted just shoot Johnny?".

Yup, people think it might be Johnny Carter who got shot, after claiming the victim's sillhouette looked strikingly familiar through the window.

What do you think?!

Could this be Johnny?! (Credit:BBC)

Plus, when the mysterious body fell to the floor, some eagle eyed viewers also claimed to see a resemblance.

This theory would certainly make sense, seeing as pictures were released last month showing Johnny being carted off in an ambulance. We know he's survived the gas explosion, so could this be the reason?

Pictures reveal Johnny being wheeled into an ambulance (Credit: BBC)

Could Mick's reaction be down to Johnny's shooting?! (Credit: BBC)

And that's not all. If you cast your minds back you might remember that Ted and Johnny bonded in the pub a few weeks ago. The pair were seen discussing Ted's time in the army... could Johnny have decided to check on his new friend in the aftermath of the explosion?

Eeeeek. Why isn't Eastenders on tonight?! We just can't wait until Thursday to find out.

WATCH: Ted Murray Shoots Someone in Eastenders

What do you think? Is Johnny the victim of the shooting, or do you have another theory about who it is? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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