The top 100 greatest films have been decided... But do YOU agree with no.1?

The people have spoken! Empire's list of top 100 greatest films EVER has just been released... But what do YOU think of the top 10?

So Empire's top 100 greatest films list has been released today.

The world's biggest movie magazine conducted a poll which saw over 4,000 film buffs have their say on what the best 100 films ever to have been made are.

The full list is truly something to behold - which can be read in full in the next issue of Empire, out Thursday 15 June - but we've got a little sneak peek here for you.

Here's a clue... (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

The Top 10 Greatest Films Ever (according to Empire readers) are:

  1. The Godfather

  2. Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

  3. The Dark Knight

  4. The Shawshank Redemption

  5. Pulp Fiction

  6. Goodfellas

  7. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

  8. Jaws

  9. Star Wars IV: A New Hope

  10. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Wow - it's a pretty impressive list! Empire readers definitely know their stuff.

We can't help but notice that all of these films are pretty man-heavy. Carrie Fisher's (RIP) Princess Leia is pretty much holding the fort for us, along with the spunky Marion played by Karen Allen in Indiana Jones.

Then, apart from Uma Thurman's Mia in Pulp Fiction and Maggie Gyllenhaal's Rachel in The Dark Knight, there aren't REALLY any other major female characters.

We're not entirely surprised, but they could have chucked a Bridget Jones in there at least!

We're only messing, Bridge (Credit: Universal Pictures/ Bridget Jones)

Just kidding.

But we're pretty sure you'll be happy to hear that there is, at least, a Disney film that made the list. We won't tell you which it is, but we're pretty sure you can guess which one of the best ever Disney films (featuring lions - ahem) made the cut.

Universal favourite Forrest Gump made the list, coming in at 61, whilst new musical and awards ceremony smash hit La La Land followed at 62.

We were happy to see the most beautiful and best Christmas movie appear in the list - It's A Wonderful Life made the 51st spot.

Make sure you grab your copy of Empire to read the full list - out Thursday 15 June.

What film would YOU like to have seen make the top 10?


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