There's a trailer for the Frozen mini-sequel and we LOVE IT!

Don't panic everyone, but there's a new trailer for new Frozen short Olaf's Frozen Adventure!

We know how mad your kids might go over this, so we thought it might be an idea for you to be warned about it too.

Oh, screw that - we know you love it as much as they do!

So we already know that there's going to be a Frozen 2, set to be released 27 November 2019. It will feature all the same voice cast as before, as far as we know.

But doesn't 2019 seems so LONG away?

Elsa also reckons 2019 is WAY too far in the future (Credit: Disney/ Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

Never fear - we have a Frozen "short" to look forward to!

As we're sure you know, new Disney Pixar films always have a short shown before the actual film itself - do you remember the adorable Piper that was shown before Finding Dory last year?


But anyway - we now have an actual trailer for the new Frozen short!

And there's even a brand new Frozen song for your kids to get completely obsessed with and sing over and over.

At least it'll make a change from Let It Go?!

Let It Go is Kritoff's fave (Credit: Disney/ Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

You'll be happy to hear it mainly seems to be about everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf.

The short, entitled Olaf's Frozen Adventure, will be shown in cinemas before Pixar's newest film, Coco, which will be released in January 2018.

Olaf has been tasked with finding holiday traditions (Credit: Disney/ Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

From what we can gather from the trailer, Anna and Elsa are rather upset over the fact that, due to Elsa's being locked away for however many years, the two don't have any holiday traditions that they can bring out each year.

Cue Olaf, who takes Kristoff's reindeer Sven on an adventure to find out the Arendelle residents' cute holiday traditions that the royal sisters can then adopt.

We won't ruin any more of it for you, but rest assured Frozen fans will be VERY happy to see their favourite characters reunited on the big screen!

The new short will be released alongside new Pixar film Coco (Credit: Disney/ Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

Are you or your kids big fans of Frozen? Will you be looking forward to seeing the sequel in 2019? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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