How your life will change after the weekend's Supermoon?

How a supermoon can affect your life

Over the weekend, the more observant of you will have noticed that the moon looked absolutely massive.

Practically speaking, a super moon is when the moon’s orbit brings it to the one point that is closest to Earth while coinciding with either a new or a full moon. Because this super moon just gone happens to be a full one, it's appeared even bigger than usual - around 14 per cent larger than normal.

Mystically speaking and, if you go in for astrology, this signals a huge energy shift that may have had a fairly profound effect on your life - especially if you're an Aries. But, really, it has a profound effect on all of us.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect after a supermoon's been around in the sky.

Expect a build up and release of energy

Sort of like having a very long sneeze, pretty much all full moons lead to themes in our lives building up over the days preceding, and then releasing when the moon reaches its peak. So if you're wondering why it all came out of the weekend, then that could be the reason.

You'll be making some bold decisions

As this was an Aries full moon, a sign related to the making of impulsive decisions without outside influence, you'll be expected to make choices over the coming weeks.

This can have a down side

Be wary of being inconsiderate or appearing ruthless, unnecessarily - this is one of the challenges of this sign.

Use it as a time to heal and bring positive change

Super moons like this are known for bringing about changes in people's lives that may not even have been possible before the shift happened - thankfully, the aggressive and physical aspects of Aries means that you can probably go about getting thing's done with a bit more vigour than usual.

Break free of toxic people

Use this change in energy to your advantage, and cut ties with anyone you don't think is doing you any favours - you'll have the energy to do it now more than ever!

Overall, it should be positive

While some of these things might sound daunting, a super full moon is overwhelmingly positive in terms of change. So go with the flow and, most of all, enjoy it!


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