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Is Danielle Lloyd making a dig at ex Jamie O'Hara and Nicola McLean after their flirting on CBB?

She doesn't sound happy!

Danielle Lloyd appears to have had a dig at her ex Jamie O’Hara and Nicola McLean after the pair got very cosy in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Nicola - who is married to Tom Williams - and footballer Jamie left viewers stunned after flirting outrageously in the Big Brother house.

And Danielle, who ended up on antidepressants and sleeping pills after she split from Jamie in 2015 after he cheated on her, certainly didn't seem impressed by their behaviour.

Danielle and Jamie were previously a happy couple (Getty Images)

The model took to Instagram to have her say, and posted a rather cryptic message from Rotten Ecards, which many took as being aimed at Jamie.

It read: “The rules of a pathological liar. Believe in your own lies, Look like you’re the victim, Attack when they’re not around, Never admit guilt, Deny, deny, deny, Blame shift, Then cover up with more lies.”

She simply captioned the post: “No words needed 😔"

Danielle posted another picture with the words: “Confident women don’t hate,” and added the caption: “Strong women pull each other up - and weak ones pull other women down.”

Taking this as a dig at Nicola, one follower responded: “Girl take no notice of the shit that come out her mouth seriously what a f*ckin gobshite!! And him… good luck to him.”

Another wrote: “They are both as bad as each other.. you are well rid of him and she has come across as an attention seeking b**ch keep your head high and let them embarrass themselves.”

Jamie and Nicola were very flirtatious towards each other after enjoying a few drinks in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week.

They cuddled up to each other and Nicola appeared to suggest she and Jamie had kiss before as fellow housemate Calum Best encouraged them to do it again.

Jamie and Nicola got close after a few drinks (Picture: Channel 5)

Waking up the following morning, Nicola asked fellow resident Angie Best of her husband: “Is Tom gonna hate me?”

Angie said Nicola would have some “explaining to do” but Nicola insisted she was not in the wrong after Tom previously cheated on her in a Las Vegas nightclub.

The pair almost kissed at one point (Picture: Channel 5)

However, it seems there’s more than meets the eye as Nicola may have talked the situation through with the show’s psychologist, something that wasn’t aired on the main show on Channel 5 or spin-off programme Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, but something Tom knew about.

Addressing the matter, the sportsman hit out at the two presenters on Twitter, writing: “Interesting that @bbuk didn’t show that Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day @Rylan @EmmaWillis.”

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