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Nicola McLean's husband reveals she saw Celebrity Big Brother psychiatrist after flirting with Jamie O'Hara

Nicola insists she's got a "free card" after husband Tom cheated...

Tom Williams has claimed his wife Nicola McLean spent the day with a psychiatrist in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The news comes after the model was seen being very flirtatious with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara after a few drinks despite being married to Tom, leaving many viewers shocked.

Nicola and Jamie got very close in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Footballer Jamie declared his love for Nicola and she suggested they may have kissed before as fellow contestant Calum Best encouraged them to do it again.

Nicola woke up the following morning piecing her memories from the evening together and asked Angie Best: “Is Tom gonna hate me?”

Angie suggested Nicola would have some “explaining to do” but Nicola insisted she was not in the wrong.

And now, Tom has taken to Twitter to reveal that Nicola spent most of the next day with the CBB psychiatrist.

While an official reason for Nicola’s chat with the show’s psychiatrist hasn’t been given, it seems she may have wanted to talk things over.

The matter wasn’t addressed on the main programme on Channel 5 or spin-off show Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, prompting Nic’s footballer hubby to speak out online, hitting out at hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal.

He wrote: “Interesting that @bbuk didn’t show that Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day @Rylan @EmmaWillis.”

However, Nicola is insistent she hasn’t done anything wrong, claiming she has a “free card” after Tom previously cheated on her in a Las Vegas nightclub.

She said: “I don’t have to explain anything, that’s the joy of when someone f**ks up so bad, you’ve got a free card.”

Nicola and Tom with their sons Striker and Rocky (Getty Images)

Nicola, who shares sons Striker and Rocky with Tom, split from the sportsman after his kissed another woman but they got back together after working through things.

She told the Daily Mirror at the time: “He knows he’s never going to get anyone better than me! It’s all still raw. He’s only just realised what he’s lost. It’s all still really hard. He’s definitely trying to win me back, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

“I love and respect Tom as a friend and as the father of my kids. I’ll always be there for him.”

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